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No Tmrw | Artist Spotlight

Rahul Avadhani Aka No Tmrw brings you mindful tunes from the city of Bangalore, his music ranges from a wide variety of inspiration from acts like Party next door and Jon Bellion. He makes music in styles of ambient pop and chillwave.

No Tmrw is a concept for Rahul. A concept which gives his passion a constant drive to put out his best art in the most essential state where he no longer prolongs his wants, but fulfills them. 

Water - Water is a description of any individual flowing through life as a river / stream which ultimately reaches its destination the sea 

The sea being complete with ones self.

Replay - A song about the desire to constantly live in our best situations. To keep the good time going on forever. And the chilled out synths give you perceptual happiness that we long to live forever.

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