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Om Karr | Artist Spotlight

Omkar Dilip Bhalerao (a.k.a. Omkaar Bhalerao or Omkar Bhalerao), better known by his stage name Om Karr, is an Indo-Canadian singer, songwriter and composer. He is a Multi Lingual and Versatile singer with songs in English, Spanish, Hindi, Telugu, Urdu, and Bengali.

Om Karr’s journey as an artist started at a very young age. His first break in music came in 2016 when he sang Tumko Paayo Hai for a regional film. (Unfortunately, the movie was not released). His next break was Tera Beta Banega Superstar (alias Omkaar Bhalerao), in which he collaborated with Shaardool Shorya. The song was released by record label Red Ribbon Entertainment Pvt Ltd.

He released his first original composition called Ik Firangi Sapna on 1st July 2020 on Youtube, a song that talks about his life struggles that he experienced after moving to Canada as a student. He has also released cover renditions of various songs over the years.

His latest composition – Hum Hindustani Hai – is a tribute to India on the occasion of 74th Independence Day and was released on August 15, 2020. The song, which talks about the resilience of Indians in the face of hardships, including COVID-19, garnered over 14,000 views within three days of its release.

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