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On love during pandemic times: Yuaan's latest release 'Mere Ghar Se'

Yuaan is a 31-year-old musician hailing from Bhilwara and has always had a deep love for art, since his childhood thanks to his mother. He was regularly part of school choirs and cultural events that nurtured his passion for music. He wrote and composed his first song in the eleventh grade kickstarted his journey as a songwriter and he continued to perform through his college days as well. A software engineer by profession, he's currently based in Pune.

His latest track 'Mere Ghar Se' was released on the 11th of October this year and is a pop, jazz, and funk-based song. It captures a lover's plight during the pandemic and the turbulent nature of those times in a quirky and funky manner. A situation of "so close yet so far" has been beautifully captured in this track that is so relatable to the lockdown experience. It is a layered listen with classical jazz style and modern-day flow complete with a well-planned music video that encapsulates the vibe that the artist is going for. It took a month or two to record the track at Jaipur's Jam Street Studios and the artist continued to make informed tweaks with the help of his producer Akshay Agarwal. The artist knew his hard work had paid off when he played the complete version at his in-law's house and an unaware sister-in-law and her husband remarked how cool the track sounded. Jaipur's Stupid High Arts made the stunning artwork for the track and also created the music video.

"A lot of hard work, training and learning is yet to be done but the dream is on, the hustle is on and I will keep trying to release as much original and fresh music in multiple genres as I can", says the budding artist who always makes time for his musical passion. He looks forward to collaborating with Dream Note, Nucleya, and Bruno Mars in the future and we wish him the very best of luck.

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