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Oracle’s eye’s latest song ‘A Thousand Doors’ aims to show complex human emotions and inner dilemmas

Oracle’s Eye,’ a neoclassical symphonic progressive mathcore 8-month-old band based in South Kolkata, define their story as one that’s ‘ascending.’ It has Prince Samael as the vocalist, guitarist, and lyricist with Debarun Chakraborty on the guitar, Baron Roy on drums who also acts as the supporting vocalist, and Devjit Dhar as the bassist. Initially, the band’s idea was to form a prog project which Baron and Prince decided on during the pandemic in August 2020. Nevertheless, deep down they intended to change something in the scene. This brought them together to form the band officially in 2021 December.

They aim to form their signature by combining mathcore with the essence of neoclassical symphonies presented through fine extensive storytelling that revolves around dark corners of human psychology, self-contradictory morals of the society, dark alternate outcomes of human civilization and much more. Overall, they portray a dark atmosphere with some pronounced uplifting moments here and there. They also try incorporating the huge cinematic ambiance used in movies generally into one of the most technical modern sub-genre of metal. Oracle’s Eye’s compositions are structurally twisted and ‘awkwardly interesting’ but melodic at the same time.

Being the very first song released by the band, ‘A Thousand Doors,’ is meant to showcase what the band has to offer in terms of their musicality, compositions and genre in general. In terms of the main melody and inspiration, the song dates back to 2014 as it uses a melody line composed by the vocalist at that time when he was just a student, but the entirety of the song has variations and transitions crafted by all four band members for just this particular song. ‘A Thousand Doors’ “aims to showcase complex emotions and inner dilemmas of a corrupted human mind which is still fundamentally and the empathetic human mind that maybe deserved something better to live for, or ironically, to die for,” says the band.

The song was released on the 21st of May and took about 2 months to compose. It took another month for the band to record, mix and master it. When asked to talk about a fun story about ‘A Thousand Doors,’ the band said that the psychotic funny strings part in the middle of the song (at around 5 mins 18 secs), was something that Prince heard in his dream one day. It was recorded in the studio of Riff River Records.

With four core members and yet a huge space to still explore and utilize, it won't take much time for them to dive into greater depths pulling out more and more treasure from the unknown realms of their vast genre.

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