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Outl4st’s 'Lonerism' speaks about the pandemic and the isolation it created

Outl4st a.k.a Shreyas Pangaonkar is a music producer and songwriter from Pune, India. He started his journey at the age of 16 by finding weird sounds and making music out of it, and classifies his music in the experimental electronic genre. Inspired by artists like A.G Cook, Frank Ocean, Jai Paul & 100 Gecs, the defining moment for him was when he saw Martin Garrix perform at the VMA's. That is when he started learning DAW and experimenting with different sounds and melodies. Oul4st is a reflection of honest, emotive delivery and passionate sounds and lives by the quote “Solitude is Bliss”.

His latest track 'Lonerism' which is also the first song from his upcoming EP "Static Feel" dropped earlier this month. Like many others around the world, he battled depression and loneliness since the pandemic hit, and this affected relationships around him, which he tries to express through this song. This track is a combination of electronic music, 80's synth, and distorted bass with a psychedelic touch. It took him roughly 4-5 months to put this track together, recording out of his bedroom and also credits himself for the artwork. He likes to keep his music raw, and writes with an honest perspective, crafting unique

sounds. "Lonerism is like the whole world around you is falling apart, getting distorted and you don't know where you are going. Moreover, you can’t do anything about it. You feel static" he says.

Shreyas's experimental style has been appreciated by many publications and he's made it to quite a few Spotify playlists. He also won an award for ‘Best Score’ for a play called Origami. He is excited for 2021 and has got big plans starting with his experimental EP, and collaborations with a few rappers and producers.

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