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Paras Dhawan | Artist Spotlight

Born in Ujjain, the ancient city beside the Kshipra River in Madhya Pradesh, Paras Dhawan set out to become a musician while pursuing his bachelor's in architecture. He moved from Ujjain to Mumbai for architecture but he spent his time learning more about music. He studied music to say the least, discovering new music everyday and eventually he wanted to explore how it is to be a musician. And so he started his career as a Dj and later moved into producing his own music. After Graduation he decided that he wanted to pursue music as a full time career and has been signing his music with labels from all over with a long way to go.

He released his latest track called "Rockstar" on Jul 29, 2020 and in this track he speaks about how times are difficult but how it is easy to learn to use this time to connect with yourself. Feel like a rockstar with the energy of the guitars and the beats that feed your inner dying beast to make it live again.

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