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Paritosh Bailung gives a shout out to all the ‘muffled voices’ through his latest ‘DDPK’

Paritosh Bailung, who goes by the stage name CosTheta, is a solo artist based in Mumbai. This 26-year-old was born and brought up in Sivasagar, a town in Assam. Ever since he was a little kid, he had his heart set on the arts. His interests varied from painting to poetry and plays. However, his love for singing was discovered through Bollywood. He also started learning the guitar at the age of 12. This was when he was first exposed to western music and rock bands like Linkin Park, Bring Me The Horizon, and the rap artist Eminem. When he was 16 years old, Bailung joined his first band ‘Black Ironica,’ and released a demo called ‘Myself.’ His musical journey took a serious turn when he moved out of his hometown in 2015 and joined NIT Warangal for his undergrad. Here, the artist was introduced to music production and DAWs and started programming songs. After graduating in 2019, he released his first single in 2020 with Bangalore producer Derek Mathias. He has written around 20 songs to date.

His first single off his upcoming debut EP (which is to be released in July), ‘DDPK,’ is a rap rock song with electronica elements in the background. Released on 12 June, it is reminiscent of the early Linkin Park. The single talks about the mental health issues that he experienced during his time at IIM Bangalore in 2020, where the artist was studying MBA. Even though it’s written from a personal perspective, Bailung hopes to make people who are dealing with similar issues feel less lonely. It also aims to help create awareness of what dealing with depression looks like and about how people eventually resort to coping mechanisms like drugs, alcohol, and creating art. The song was recorded in his dorm room at IIM with Spandan on the guitar and Nikhil on the final mixing and mastering.

The artist hopes to collaborate with many Indian and foreign artists like Seedhe Maut and Mike Shinoda. We hope his dream comes true.

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