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Pavan Gaikwad | Artist Spotlight

After performing quite a few gigs across his hometown of Mumbai, indie pop/rock singer-songwriter Pavan Gaikwad believes that his musical career is about to take a new turn, as he starts working toward it earnestly. He has been in Mumbai all of his 30 years and grew up in the slums, where music was all around him, thanks to vociferous way festivals are celebrated in this part of town. He takes inspiration from Anglo-Asian artists such as Talvin Singh and Nitin Sawhney along with Asian Dub Foundation. However, Pavan hopes to resonate the vibe Shaan creates with his music.

Pavan released his latest single, ‘Take your time’ on November 23, 2020. The song, featuring Pritha Ghosh, speaks about how the initial phases of a relationship are usually the best and that toward the end, there’s usually not much you can do to fix things. However, Pavan says – “Two broken hearts is never the answer, you take your time,” speaking of how time apart can solve issues at times, ones our generation usually walks away from. In true COVID-19 lockdown style, every part of the song like the vocals, drums and mixing were done by separate individuals who met online and brought the whole song together piece by piece, over the course of a month. For this track specifically, Pavan took inspiration from Australian psychedelic rock artist Kevin Parker who formed Tame Impala.

Pavan learnt to play the guitar off YouTube and begun writing songs in 2017. Two years ago, he released his debut EP – Zaraasa, which had four Hindi songs. This album has a very calm and airy vibe, the kind you’d listen to atop a hill. ‘Berang’, one of the songs on this EP, perfectly fits the description Pavan gave us for his music – easy to listen to. The acoustic guitar continues to be a big part of the background score for most of his songs. The past three years have been a learning curve and Pavan has finally got a hold on expressing himself. He says that ‘Take Your Time’ is a result of this.

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