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Peekay’s new single ‘Squeaky Clean’ hits you with the wave of nostalgia

Two times TED talk speaker and winner of the Asia Inc 500 award, Pranati Khanna aka Peekay is an artist we should watch out for. An independent artist from Hyderabad, she was the lead singer of the rock band ‘Spell Check’ until she went solo in 2020. Her first few singles were produced by Grammy-nominated producer Jonathan Anand Wesley. The pop/RnB artist’s music is a mix of husky jazz influences, honest songwriting inspired by her own life, and pop music across all ages.

Peekay has performed her original sets at all major venues across the country like the Pianoman Jazz Club in Delhi, Black Orchid in Chennai, Fandom in Bengaluru, and Sauce in Mumbai. The artist performed at Nh7 Pune on November 24 and the ‘Echoes of Earth Festival’ on the 3rd and 4th of December. She aims to encourage the arts in her city and showcase talent from her community and reach as many people as possible.

‘Squeaky Clean,’ Peekay’s 6th single is a track inspired by her childhood home in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. The song gets listeners hooked right from the start with its mystic aura and the piano chords which sets a beautiful tone. The R&B soul/pop song creates a reminiscent vibe with the music video featuring her best friend and her producer being childlike.

“It is my desire to return back to a time in my life where I was a child and try to reset the clock for myself every time I need to go into a situation with a fresh perspective,” said Peekay, as she talks about the song. She also tied up with the fashion design house ‘When cut Goddamn’ for her concept video. All the looks in the concept video were styled by Manya Cherabuddi.

By successfully establishing her identity as an artist, the artist has been making a mark through her constant releases. We hope she never stops experimenting with her sound!

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