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PJ | Artist Spotlight

"Save me."

This seems like a call for help that many would resonate with at some point in their lives. After all, life itself is bereft with uncalculable problems and few joys, and yet we make meaning out of it.

"Save me, from myself."

This, however, would resonate with some unlucky few, perhaps those who battle depression. In the case of PJ's latest track, 'My Haven', this is used to describe a battle against addiction.

Released on 11th November 2020, the entire track was, quite not surprisingly, record without any of them ever meeting. "We tracked the song in May-June and started the production in October. We tracked the entire song at our own houses, and we didn't meet even once during the process." Now working on his music, PJ says that he cannot live without his guitar. "I started playing my guitar as early as possible every day." And given that his biggest musical inspirations are Plini, Polyphia, and Dream Theater, one wouldn't be surprised.

Which brings us to this track.

'My Haven' is the unravelling of an addict's mind into a progressive rock song. Backed with mesmerizing vocals from PJ and Anagha Setlur, they set the atmosphere of a dreamy nightmare which as soulful as it can hurt through the lyrics. Aashutosh Hiremath delivers on a soothing guitar solo which cries for help as much as it gives another soul to the entire music. Which brings us to Aniket Thyagarajan's production. The conveying of heart-rendering lyrics are matched with a gloomy air that looks to continue dragging on, perhaps also bringing an addict's repressed emotions about his battle to the front now that he/she has an outlet. For others, it provides a soothing relief to listen Anagha Setlur's heart-aching vocals find a symphony with his production.

Through the track, Anagha's desperation in her vocals matches the story being told, that of addiction and battling it by going to a hopeful haven. This desperation carries on to the instrumental part where the drums and the guitar take the stage and set it with a grim longing. Towards the end, there remains a lingering aftermath of gloom, longing, with a tinge of desperation.

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