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Savaal Playlist 11

Divij Naik - Parwaah

Divij Naik is a eloquent musician from Mumbai who inherits music from his father Pt. Paresh Naik, a veteran classical vocalist, a disciple of Sangeet Martand Pt. Jasraj and his mother Malini Pandit Naik, a renowned light music vocalist. Divij started learning Indian classical music from his father at the age of 12. He has also learned various percussion instruments like tabla, cajon and djembe. In his latest release "Parwaah" which features Antara Bhattacharya, he has demonstrated a sweet and simple romantic song about a guy is expressing his feelings and thoughts for the girl in his life. The song speaks about how love will prevail through all ups and downs if the foundation of their bonding is based on true understanding and care for each other. Divij arranged and recorded the track on his own and is happiest that he got to use a melodic in the track while doing justice to the lyrics with melodious singing.

Astral Dogs - The Jig is up

Astral Dogs the psychedelic rock duo from Bangalore was formed by Madhavi Das and Srish Chander. They bonded over their shared passion for music, particularly vintage psychedelic rock. Inspired by Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin and the age of psychedelic RocknRoll they always open to more influences in their pallet. An eclectic mix of The Beatles, Jefferson Airplane, Khruangbin, Tame Impala are a few insprations that drove them to create this dynamic dou.

Their Second Single "The Jig Is Up" is an upbeat song that juxtaposes a psychedelic funk-rock groove with lyrics inspired by traumatic personal events, with the intention to groove your troubles away, no matter what life has thrown at you. While the song is about events that should bother you, the trace that the music puts you under takes you to a place where nothing can bother you.

Prashanth Venkat - The Lottery

Prashanth Venkat is a Chennai based Composer/Music producer. Inspired by various iconic film scores to specific genres such as progressive rock, funk, post-rock, Alt-Pop, Jazz and many more genres and being a charismatic performer, he has been part of various bands and collaborations such as The Syzygy, PA System, Quadrophobia and many more.

‘The Lottery’ is a new age orchestral 4 track Concept Instrumental EP based on the short story of the same name written by Shirley Jackson which describes a fictional small town which observes an annual rite known as "The Lottery", in which a member of the community is selected by chance. The consequences of "winning" the lottery are revealed only at the end. He tried to paint a sonic picture of the film using his artist tools, music.

Niranjan Menon - Apologize

The 4 year old Niranjan Menon started playing the Piano and that's when he knew that music was the thing for him. Growing up later he picked up the Guitar and production at 16 leading to his first release "Alive". He is based in Bangalore and works on experimental music. He produces in various styles and loves to work with Indian Elements in his music.

‘Apologize’ encircles the themes of forgiveness and apology, two sides of the same emotional coin. Making apologies and granting forgiveness are essential parts of any long-term resolution of an intractable discord. Niranjan Menon pours out his heart through the profound, soul-transfixing lyrics of this song. Tejas, brings out the essence of repentance that resonates from the depths of one’s guilt after having wronged someone, accompanied by a note of lingering hope of not being desolated through the single ‘Apologize’. This single enables its listeners to bask in the glory of a quality fusion song owing to the mellifluous delivery by violinist K.S. Ravisankar and guitarist Pranav Sanjai. Artists Niranjan Menon, Artemis Fall, CZA, Mitra allow the listeners to develop a sense of relatability with the emotive libretto of the song through their contribution.

Akanksha Sethi - Winter

Lucknow based Akasnsha Sethi had it all figured out when she learnt about her gift. She felt a deep passion for singing and soon started to taking Hindustani Classical lessons at 10 years of age. Through her journey of finding her right voice, she finally started to work on her Original music in 2019. She has released 2 singles since then named "Thoda Sa Theher' and 'Winter', and two other collaborations in the past, namely 'Call Out to Me' and 'Reckless'.

Her second single 'Winter' talks about unrequited love. The words of this song come from a place of longing, uncertainty and remind us of the kind of love that could only last one season, and that too the shortest one. The song struggles to accept the reality of

carrying on without that certain someone, yet, in some hidden corner of the heart,

there will always be space for them to come back when they are ready. There is resentment, yes, but also hope, forgiveness and patience. This song is almost like a love letter we never sent.

Chintan Chauhan - Samay Ka Pahiya

Chintan, a Surat based Campfire Guitarist turned Singer-Songwriter, turned Music Producer, regards in expressing his life journey through music. In December 2018, from a tedious corporate professional's lifestyle, he profoundly directed his intellect to become a seasoned independent artist.

‘Samay Ka Pahiya’ as the title implies, is a ballad on the wheel of time that revolves through the samsara. Which drives us to the relentless cycles of birth and rebirth, raising several questions to our soul. Despite its metaphysical songwriting, Samay Ka Pahiya is actually pretty lively to listen to. The strums of Hawaiian Ukulele on the groovy beats of African Djembe with the toppings of Tambourine and claps have roasted the Indian folky flavour quite well. The song is an opportunity for passive introspection if you listen carefully. Devanagari Calligraphy in the stop motion lyrics has been created by Surat based artist Anushri Gupta. The vocals were recorded by Hamza Daginawala at Studio 53, Surat. The song was mixed by Kevin Kumbhani (aka Karlx Vinten) and mastered by Aftab Khan at Headroom studio, Mumbai.

Nikul Vankar - Lamha Lamha

Nikul Vankar the vocalist from Vadodara who works out of his own recording studio named Jingle Bird Music. where he works as a producer and composer. He is a multi instrumentalist that does shows in various places under Gujarat Tourism. Born and raised in a musical family where his father played the keyboard and other instruments while his mother always had a strong affection for singing.

Lamha Lamha is a song about being patient with love. Everyone has someone in their life that they love and might have to wait for. This song lies in a journey where the lead character is desperately waiting for that person whom he never met before. In the first verse writer of this song is taking us in the experience of how love blooms slowly and what kind of changes one person may feel. In some corner of your heart you can’t deny that this is the love and all you can do is wait or find. This is where in the second verse the lead character taking his place and directly ask that someone special to come into his life and fulfill his dream by becoming his soulmate. This song is a beautiful journey of the feelings.

Adi Sharma - Hot Coffee

Adi Sharma is an independent singer/songwriter from Agra who is an insurance surveyor by day and a musician by night. Juggling between the two, he finds it difficult to do both and has decided to try making music his full time gig. He records all his music in his home studio.Just like any other artist, his goal is to create music with which people could connect and relate.

Trying to figure out a new unique way to propose a girl, the artist ended up writing a song using a metaphor - 'will you be my hot coffee?' It's a sweet simple proposal song,

mentioning the things and moments which make a person all in love with someone.

Adi had no one in his life when he was writing this song. It was like a story he had in his mind, like how a relationship starts, the late night talks and then next morning you feel a

different kind of high, how you want this feeling to stay forever. The song was recorded with limited 8 track recording software with an acoustic guitar, bass guitar, a microphone

while the drum beats were made with a midi player.

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