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Polymancer | Artist Spotlight

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

The first track, 'I Can't Sleep', begins with an airy chorus-esque melodic wailing into a harmonious background of gentle beats and mellow vibes. The track itself sets the tone for the beautiful Dream Pop album, 'Dream Caching', bought to life by Garvit Narula a.k.a Polymancer. With an essential calling that surrounds the magnanimity of the production, 'Dream Caching' has the potential to thoroughly wrap around the listener's head and capture its attention, all while floating through the abyss-y music.

At 22, Polymancer has been through it all to become the prodigal and 'life-kissed' artist, perhaps also well appropriate enough to breach into the archetypal 'Dream Pop' artist category. He says, "My music talks about all the emotions I feel going on in my life at the time I wrote it, I'd say." He admits that the EP "particularly goes to the more emotional side of events if I'm to fairly think about it". "Imagine making music about the things you never got to say, for whatever reason. There's just some music that connects to you emotionally with the events in your life."

Displaying a commendable artistic sense in weaving together the many myriad emotions extolled by emotionally-wrenching events in life, Polymancer stretches through the 5-track album with a gripping emotional undertone, with ease. The second track, Wait (Interlude), shines a light on the excruciating pain of waiting for someone even when it might take its ease to return. 'Maybe Us, Maybe You' takes a darker turn in the production before approaching a lighter note with the piano. The lyrics give way to heartbreak and heartache alongside preaching and promising a faithful hand. 'Got Me 2 (Alt Mix)' continues the pain of a broken heart whose pieces have fallen apart through the departure of a loved one. And finally, 'Wide Awake' brings Polymancer's comparatively upbeat production in full-swing with a stark contrast in the lyrics inching towards colloquial love-induced insanity.

Polymancer has, as incredible as it is, composed, produced, and performed all the music in the EP. Having worked on many projects over the last two years in slower soft rock, alternative, and electronic genre, he felt it was time to work on his own sound and show listeners his original work. And it has come to life with a heart-wrenching and heart-aching beauty.

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