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Pop-Punk Duo Aryan Julka and Vivaan Taneja Shake Up the Music Scene with Latest Track 'Mess It Up'!

"Pop-punk duo Aryan Julka and Vivaan Taneja, hailing from New Delhi, India, have just released their latest track 'Mess It Up' on April 13th, 2023, and it is already making waves in the music industry. With punchy guitars, hard-hitting grooves, and a catchy hook, the song offers a fresh take on the pop-punk scene, drawing inspiration from Machine Gun Kelly, Green Day, and JXDN.

The song begins with an impactful drum fill followed by a Punk riff and powerful "na na nas." Gradually, the song transitions into a very melodic chorus and a memorable hook. Following the second chorus, the song completely changes with beautiful guitar melodies and a marching snare. The build-up section peaks with a long, Travis Barkeresque drum fill, and the song enters halftime, leaving the listener with no choice but to headbang and ending the song on a high.

Written by Aryan Julka and Garv Chandalia, the song talks about people's struggle to move on from hardships and trauma in life but when they finally do, they are afraid to mess up and lose it all again. It encourages the listener to keep faith in oneself when a new beginning or opportunity arises and to believe they won't mess it up.

Aryan Julka, the lyricist, composer, and vocalist, started his music career only recently, with his first single released in 2021. He initially despised singing until a mandatory Hindi vocal class in school, where he was selected for a classical raag performance. Since then, he has won solo and band competitions across Delhi and has collaborated with Grammy-nominated producer Spec Turner on his track 'Running.' He cites a range of musical influences from pop artists like Shawn Mendes to indie acts like the Local Train.

Vivaan Taneja, the drummer for the duo, is responsible for the album artwork as well. The two met in college and discovered their mutual love for music. After their first original 'In The Unknown' garnered success, they realized they had to put out more music together, leading to their latest track 'Mess It Up.'

'Mess It Up' is the perfect fit for punk and rock enthusiasts and gym playlists alike. With quality production, impressive vocal processing, and a high-end master by Hitesh, this fiery track promises to take the pop-punk scene by storm. Aryan Julka and Vivaan Taneja are two talented musicians who have created an authentic and transformative story that music lovers around the world are sure to appreciate."

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