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Priyaan talks about his latest EP 'Musafir Files'

Mumbai-based Aryan Salunkhe set up for a rollercoaster ride when he decided to take music seriously. He is an experimental electronic producer who expresses himself by the way of music.

Producing under the artist name Priyaan, Aryan has been working on music for the better half of seven years. The 18-year-old artist has been in the spotlight when RITVIZ reacted to one of his unreleased tracks, He has also been recognized by Jonita Gandhi the famous Canadian playback singer.

Priyaan started off the new year 2021 with the release of a bright, danceable pop anthem called 'Safar.' He has a few singles under his belt and recently he dropped his debut EP.

He recently released his EP 'Musafir Files' on 25th February 2022 on all platforms. All the production of the tracks was done at his friend's home studio in Mumbai. He loves to experiment with his music, which has led him to find his own sound.

As a part of the EP, he released the track 'Hawaein' with an official visualizer on Youtube

The idea for the track came to him years ago when he was with his friend Shravani at his home studio. The songwriting part was done in the coming week but the laptop with all the song files crashed and they lost all the data. They managed to get the track ready and out soon enough for their listeners to enjoy.

Priyaan has always dreamed of collaborating with The Weekend and Skrillex.

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