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Priyanka Jasani takes a humorous approach to cooking hassles in 'Papa ki Mathematics'

They say a father and daughter's bond is one of the strongest ones. While that may be true, the lockdown really made us question how much we like our family and sharing the same space with them was an arduous task at times. Well, 24-year old Priyanka Jasani from Kolkata talks about this very dilemma in her debut song. With a keen interest in film making, apart from being a singer, Priyanka has depicted a comical approach to the the past few months in her life.

Her first song 'Papa ki Mathematics' was released on October 20, 2020. The storyline talks about how a father will always want something fun and interesting for each meal and how the daughter strives to do her best to cook for him being the only lady in the house. Priyanka goes on to explain that in this story, the father's way of showing tough love is by correcting the daughter in the mistakes she makes. However, she flips the script to equate cooking and math, and goes on to create an equation between her cooking and the father's approval. Priyanka says this was a way of expressing something rather frustrating in a positive and lively manner.

Priyanka has beautifully depicted the bond and relationship a father and daughter share and how through the struggle of it, there is always love hidden in the gestures. While our parents may not always say it, they really do love us and this messages resonates with the video for 'Papa ki Mathematics'. Amazingly, Priyanka has written the song, performed it as well as directed and acted in the music video. This shows how versatile her talents are. The music video, in all its aspects, is raw and emotional and the simplicity of the topics being expressed is what really catches the viewers attention.

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