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Project Hamsadhwani | Artist Spotlight

Project Hamsadhwani is a project that has been conceptualized by Sarthak Ray from New Delhi. He writes, records, and produces everything except the vocals for the project, including the artwork, and thus, the project is a true portfolio of his creativity and passion for music and art.

He grew up listening to Indian Classical and Rabindra Sangeet. Once he discovered Rock and Metal music, he found his true voice lying in these genres. He started experimenting with fusion in 2016 after being vastly influenced by Baiju Dharmajan (Motherjane) and Prasanna, and has now come up with a fresh new take on the genre, mixing it with modern genres like Prog and Post Rock.

Hamsadhwani is a project that Sarthak started because he wanted to create something unique in the extremely saturated music scene of today. It has been a blast for him. being able to take care of almost every aspect of the project, with help from some immensely talented guest artists. Barkhaa is a song he wrote with Anvitha Dharmeshwar and on vocals. It's off of their second EP titled disconnect. The song revolves around a monsoon raga and it fits right in with the space rock classical fusion soundscape of disconnect.

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