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Rage and Determination Collide in Skinny Local and Cartel Madras' New Hit 'MMM (Meet My Maker)'

Skinny Local and Cartel Madras have teamed up once again for their latest release "MMM (Meet My Maker)," and it's nothing short of explosive. The song was released on March 10, 2023, through the Vancouver-based label Snakes x Ladders and is already making waves in the alternative hip hop genre.

"MMM" is a wild, heaving rap-metal banger that takes no prisoners. The song starts with the sound of war drums, setting the tone for what's to come. Skinny Local's production is impressive, bringing together elements of rap and metal to create a sound that's entirely unique.

The lyrics of the song are equally powerful, with Eboshi taking the lead on the verses. The character in the song is disillusioned and full of rage, and Eboshi's delivery captures that perfectly. The chorus is catchy, with the refrain "i'm just tryin to meet my maker, gimme some blood and sweat for my labour" echoing throughout the song.

The music video for "MMM" is just as intense as the song itself. Shot by Gbohunmi in freezing temperatures in a warehouse on the outskirts of Calgary, the video perfectly captures the mood of the song. The video features Skinny Local and Cartel Madras performing the song, intercut with shots of a masked figure wreaking havoc in the warehouse.

Skinny Local's background in film is evident in the storytelling of the song and the video. The two come together to create a cohesive experience that's sure to leave an impression on viewers and listeners alike.

"MMM" is just a taste of what's to come from Skinny Local's upcoming 14-track LP titled 'GAMES,' set to be released in March 2023 through Snakes x Ladders. The LP promises to be just as innovative and boundary-pushing as "MMM" and will likely solidify Skinny Local's place as one of the most exciting producers in alternative hip hop.

Cartel Madras, on the other hand, continues to break barriers and push boundaries in the music industry. The Calgary-based hip-hop duo is known for their explosive performances and empowering narratives, and "MMM" is no exception. The two sisters, Contra and Eboshi, deliver their verses with confidence and power, cementing their place as one of the most exciting acts in hip hop today.

In conclusion, "MMM (Meet My Maker)" is a must-listen for fans of alternative hip hop. The song is intense, innovative, and powerful, and the music video only adds to the experience. Skinny Local and Cartel Madras have once again proven that they are forces to be reckoned with in the music industry.

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