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Raj | Artists Spotlight

Raj from Delhi is an Artist with varied and vast taste in music. He is a guitarist and music producer who listens do almost anything under the sun, with his influences being from Megadeth to Kanye West, Frank Sinatra to Steven Wilson. Having played guitar for over a decade, Raj now produces his own music. His debut single 'New York Cheesecake' independently racked up more than 13,000 streams in 3 months on Spotify and got featured on well-known lofi playlists

Raj releases his single, "Her", in collaboration with electronica duo Shoals. The song attempts to make jazz more accessible for millennials by combining it with hip hop and lofi elements. The song features fellow producer Sidharth Gupta from Shoals on vocals. Layered with catchy trumpet and guitar parts, Her, seeks to invoke a feeling of belongingness and secure vulnerability in an everchanging uncertain world.

When we asked Raj about how the track was produced, he said "The idea started with a Hi Hat sample I came across. It didn’t take much time for me to come up with the rest of the elements. I was in touch with Sidharth who helped me with mixing and mastering duties on my debut single. Funnily we’ve never met each other or even spoken over the phone, but have been exchanging our ideas and music with each other over many months that led to this collaboration." Its always nice to see such a collaboration where people get to learn about each other through music and "Her" is one such beautiful story.

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