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Raza Shamsi releases his first 2022 dancehall track 'Galtiyaan'

Hailing from Mumbai is Raza Shamsi who has a different taste in music and style. Although he found a passion for DJing, he realized that it wasn't his calling. He soon understood that he needs the attention of the mic and wanted to work on his singing.

The story begins back in 2005 when it was the age of downloading music and sharing it with your friends over Bluetooth. It was this era that made Raza find his love for the art and that's what pushed him into creating music. He comes from a family of business people, but a hit of electronic music helped him find his path.

Raza released his latest track 'Galtiyaan' on 1st April which is the first of many tracks to come this year. The track is a dancehall love song that has a very groovy vibe to it and it is a perfect song to get your feet moving says Raza. The single is written and performed by Raza Shamsi while Shot Records took care of the production.

Galtiyaan is based on a groovy vibe where the guy is trying to convey his feelings to the girl. Moreover, the track also boasts a melodious modern dancehall vibe with a mixture of tight drums, a melodious composition, upfront vocals, and a good mix and master.

When we asked him about his musical journey, Raza said "The last time I released a single was almost a year ago, and I was really committed to my mental health during that time but there is some good news to it as well. During this time, I could've taken everything negatively and ended up down the wrong path, but instead, I approached things constructively and wrote an entire album". "The album has begun to take shape and will be released this year, but for now, let's get this party started and release a couple of singles," he added.

When we asked him which artist would he like to collaborate with, he told us that it would be none other than Jon Bellion.

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