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Reeshabh Purohit describes his journey in his latest track 'Safar'

Born in a musical family Reeshabh Purohit was destined to be involved in the Hindustani Classical scene. In fact, the first time he heard classical music was when his parents brought him home from the hospital. His dad and grandmom being classical singers, they already knew good gurus around his area and he got started learning Indian Classical Music at the age of four and has been learning ever since. He is currently training Agra- Gwalior Gharana training under Pt. Vivek Joshi and will begin his musical graduation at the Berklee School of Music in Fall 2021. He was the youngest performer at the Kala Ghoda Festival in Mumbai, and at the Pt. Jitendra Abhisheki Mahotsav in Pune. He shows his versatility not only in his music by blending electronic and his experimental style of music with classical whilst teaching over a hundred kids at a government school but also has also debuted as the lead actor in the 2018 Marathi movie 'Memory Card.

This song is Reeshabhs version of the original ghazal that is penned by Padmashree Nida Fazli, an Urdu-Hindi poet & writer. The soulful words of this ghazal inspired him to create a melody that brings out the essence of Fazli Ji’s poetry. When we asked Reeshabh about the inspiration behind this track, he told us "I composed Safar in the lockdown amid these negative and testing times. At a time when all I could hear was good people passing away, not getting hospital beds, etc, I composed this song. I read the words of the ghazal and I felt like the melody was already there in my mind. I just had to sing it. This song cheered me up and gave me a moment of peace amid the chaos."

Safar discusses embarking upon a life’s adventure with all its hues and tones, in the midst of mundane routines of our everyday being. The journey may be fraught with staggers and falls, but the song inspires us to lift ourselves up and keep walking down the path. The song speaks about how along the way, you may find a companion to hold your hand, but in the end, the journey is your own. The song implores you to continue even though there might be many instances that try to deter you away from your goals. This song reminds us to continue one step at a time.

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