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Reigniting the child within all of us: Submarine In Space's latest release 'Sugarcode'

Submarine In Space is a 7-year-old band based in Delhi and consisting of members Abhishek Mittal, Madhur Chaudhary, Vatsal Bakhda, Sayan Sinha, Vasudev Singh, and Fidel Deli Murillo all hailing from different parts of the country. Sharing a deep love for instrumental music, the college friends from Delhi University came together to form the band during a rooftop jam session back in 2015. Inspired by the versatility and beauty of instrumental music that has the potential to bring together people from around the globe and foster connection, the band has achieved great heights through their pursuit of this passion that has landed them a feature in the Rolling Stones among other commendable milestones.

Their latest single 'Sugarcode' was released on the 29th of September this year and is an ode to the tender child within all of us that seeks to harbor on countless moments of happiness and joy that life offers us each day. Their album 'F5' is scheduled to be released on the 13th of October with each video released once a month, extending till January next year. The recording process lasted for four days at Sanskar Studios in Film City Noida, including all of the requirements for video production and rehearsals too. In total, it took the band seven hours to record five tracks. Having taken the help of the public through crowdfunding, further inspired the band to put their best foot forward and give their project everything they had.

Influenced by the styles of Blackstrat Blues, Snarky Puppy, Fourplay, George Benson, and Avishai Cohen to name a few, Submarine In Space is a band that is constantly driven to bring its own personality and authenticity to its music. The journey has been to craft a story through music that reaches out and speaks to the audience. In a master move, the members were eager to involve their beloved fans and audience in the recording process and ended up taking the fruitful risk of casting a live audio album that left them feeling ecstatic and fulfilled. The artwork for the album was made by Tanaya Sharma.

"There was something about music that all of us found fascinating, like a magical power that allowed us to express our feelings without words"- exactly what brought the talented boys together to create magic. Experimentation, persistence, and storytelling- three words that the band uses to describe itself and three words that couldn't have been a better reflection of all that the members stand for. Eager to collaborate with Girish Pradhan and FKJ in the future, Submarine In Space has an exciting, successful, and bright future ahead and we cannot wait to witness all that they have in store for us.

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