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  • Virendra Narain

Resonate with the ideology of the band Firki from Delhi.

“An artist is someone who produces things people don’t need to have” -Andy Warhol and our band today Firki may not be the Artists we need but are one that we would definitely want! This mix of 6 different souls that came together and connected over music and sensibilities as a common ground to dwell upon. They come with their unique approach to life in ways of music, humor or visual art through their videos.

Mukul, Chetan and Mohan came to Delhi in 2010 with the dream of starting a band. While juggling jobs and music they finally met Ritesh, who is Chetan's college friend and in 2017, they decided to start again and create their original music. Harun and Gaurav joined the band around this time on bass and keys and with all the members in place, Firki finally started recording towards late 2018. By the end of 2019, they were done recording 7 songs. It was around the same time when Covid hit, which caused a delay in releasing the music but finally they are here with their music and five releases already.

The band now has 5 releases which are all over Spotify, Youtube, Apple music etc. Their first single "Kafila" was released in October followed by "Lori" in November. Their third single "Kukku Main Jahaj Ho Gaya Hoon" was released with the video on 29th December, 2020. 'Os" was fourth track to get released in January. Further, they have released their fifth single "Chaap Tilak" on February 19th 2021.

Their versatility in style and the convection of their inner selves makes their music relatable and very enjoyable. Their music shares positive messages of hope. Perseverance and nourishing your ideas and hearts creations. Their song Kukku Main Jahaj Ho Gaya Hoon is a song is about love. It is not a love-song. It collects and celebrates the crush, the joy, the affection, the care, the desire, the admiration, the heart-break, the jealousy, the sweet promises, the insecurity, the responsibilities and everything that surrounds love. Their approach to music make them an easy listening band with alot of depth to their lyrics making this 6 piece a beautiful evening listen out on a drive.

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