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Reyaan Luthra's Rise to Fame: From Home Studio to Hip-Hop Stardom with EP "Digits"

Reyaan Luthra, a 19-year-old rapper and songwriter based out of Hyderabad, has just released his latest EP "Digits" with K4Y and Phaser Beats. This project is a testament to the rising talent that the music community in Hyderabad has to offer. The EP was released on December 30th, 2022 and has been garnering a lot of attention for its unique sound and style.

"Digits" is a fusion of hip-hop and rap that takes listeners on a journey through the lives of Reyaan and K4Y. The two artists rap about their personal experiences and how they have overcome adversities, as well as paying tribute to the music scene in their city. Phaser Beats' production on the EP is nothing short of spectacular, with his beats providing the perfect backdrop for Reyaan and K4Y's smooth flows.

Reyaan has been passionate about singing and rapping from a young age. He used to perform at karaoke nights at restaurants and sing at family events, but it wasn't until the time of COVID that he made his first single, "No Regrets." This song, even without vocal processing, was well-received and inspired Reyaan to continue putting out music. He even took a 1-month production course at Kamp1 Delhi, where he learned how to mix and master tracks.

One fun story about the making of "Digits" is that the song was made just 8 hours before Reyaan's first live performance. A night before the show, Reyaan's rapper friend Anirudh came over to make final changes to the tracks he was performing. The two realized they didn't have an opening track together, and thus, "Digits" was born.

Reyaan's musical influences include Bruno Mars, Lil Baby, J.Cole, 21 Savage, LEW, and Aaryan Shah. The two artists who influenced the making of "Digits" are Lil Baby and LEW. Although Reyaan wouldn't say that he's tried to recreate any styles, artists like Lil Baby, Aaryan Shah, and The Weeknd have certainly had an impact on the music he creates.

Reyaan recorded "Digits" at his own personal home studio. The EP's artwork was created using the MidJourney app, which is an AI-generated image maker. Reyaan is currently promoting the EP on Spotify, and has had shows in both Hyderabad and New Delhi.

In terms of future collaborations, Reyaan would love to work with Indian artists Zaeden or DIVINE, as well as with The Weeknd, a foreign artist. Reyaan's morning routine includes waking up early, having a cold coffee, and listening to various artists who inspire him. He starts his day at 8:30 am or 9:00 am and the first thing he does is listen to music. He then spends time working on music or looking at videos about production to continuously improve.

In conclusion, Reyaan Luthra's "Digits" EP is a must-listen for all hip-hop and rap fans. The young artist's talent, hard work, and passion for music are truly inspiring, and he's definitely one to watch out for in the future.

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