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Ron Chester | Artist Spotlight

With a gentle and pained but silky voice, Ron Chester talks about breakup in his new song 'Since You're Gone'. And Ron continues to do what his melancholia in voice and production does best, now wrapped in a Trap Soul-esque R&B record. Ron has even worked with the famous A.R. Rahman.

The track, in his words, "carries a chill vibe with Trap Soul beats over lush pads and guitars with heavy bass-lines." He adds, "The bridge section takes the song into a more melancholic vibe towards the end." The track also features a rap segment by Tej.

Ron Chester excels in the mellow and warm romanticism of soft pop, as is evident in his previous tracks such as 'Don't You Forget About Me' and 'Christmas Night'. 'Since You're Gone' is a venture into a new and comparatively unique production when compared to his discography. In the professional music scene since his 12th grade, Ron's departure will perhaps sound a new and possibly refreshing outlook to his style.

Interestingly, Ron wrote the song in 30 minutes but re-produced, recorded, and engineered it over a period of 2 months. The record was part of 1 of 8 demos which started in Ron's bedroom studio during the lockdown. Written for his breakup EP which expressed his struggles of letting go, the demo evolved into a sad yet chill record. And Tej joined in with a heartfelt rap section.

The 24-year-old artist started as a rapper and slowly moved towards the commercial side of music after learning music production and sound engineering. He's produced and engineered tracks for Bollywood and is currently focusing on releasing his own original music. In his words: "All my music is a reflection of my mindstate and what's happening in my life at the moment and as bad as it sounds, there are no happy records lined up for now". He concludes, "Not to say I make depressing music but even when I make pop sound records, there is a sense of melancholy and longing."

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