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Roopini Ravindran and Pranav speak about their desire to travel in their single Shayad Mai Hun

Born in Bangalore, Roopini knew that she wanted to take on the world of music. To have a better understanding of music, she did her master's in music from Kingston University, London, and specialized in Performance & Music Education.

She has always been the type who likes a lot on her plate, so along with creating music, she is also extremely passionate about teaching & providing access to good quality music education for Indian students

For her latest track, she has collaborated with Pranav Nigam who has completed BA in music from Middlesex University, London, and is currently pursuing an MFA in Composition at California Institute of Arts.

The story began when Roopini joined AR Rahman’s music school where she met Pranav Nigam & Brijesh Joshi. The three talented artists, came together to release 'Shayad Mai Hun' which came out on the 16th of March. The lyrics of the track were written by Brijesh Joshi who also helped with the arrangement of the track. Karan Nigam played the guitars for the track and Muralikrishna did the Mastering.

Roopini told us "The desire to travel and explore new places is very much at the core of human nature. But it also ignites a dichotomy - it evokes feelings of both sheer longing or sweeping inspiration. Ironically, the idea of this song came to me amidst this covid lockdown. When I was stuck in London during the first lockdown, taking long car drives was my only respite from the restrictions"

"However, when I decided to move back to India during the same time, the thought of travel-induced so much anxiety in me. This made me want to create a travel song that you could listen to, which doesn’t just make it look all wanderlust-y" she added.

The track was recorded from each artist's home studio and this was all happening between shifting countries and changing houses for all the artists. This made the track take 7 months to be recorded and an additional 2 months for the video. This being a travel song made during the lockdown, none of the artists have physically met each other during the process of making this song.

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