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Roxide | Artist Spotlight

Rishideep Mukerjee aka ROXIDE is a music producer from West Bengal and he mainly specialise in Heavier subgenres of EDM, Dubstep to be specific but likes to produce a wide variety of Electronic subgenres. He loves producing and keeps experimenting with his styles and never stops producing new tracks in various genres.

The track he is most proud of is "The Love Of My Life" which is a super chill melodic future bass track. To his surprise it turned out to be his most played track. The track is influenced by a song by future bass guru Illenium. When we asked him about what he felt when he released the track, he said "The song released the day after my birthday and it was the best gift ever to see me crossing 100 streams in less than 12 hours ,He looks forward to make more songs that are enjoyable by people.

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