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Running Star: Unleashing the Electrifying Vibe of 'Tell Me Once'!

Step into the world of music, and you'll encounter an artist who's not just about making great tunes, but also sprinting towards his dreams with unstoppable energy. Meet Himanshu Singh, the artist known as Running Star, who combines his love for music with a dash of quirkiness and a passion for running.

Running Star is a one-man show, handling everything from composing and writing to singing, rapping, and even mix and mastering. It's like being a one-man band, where the entire orchestra is him. His DIY approach allows him the freedom to express himself fully in every aspect of his music, and he thrives on the creative process.

Recently, Running Star dropped his latest track, "Tell Me Once," and it's already making waves. A delightful concoction of hip-hop and pop, the infectious beats and catchy melodies will have you grooving in no time. But it's not just about the music; it's the lyrics that work their magic too. Tailor-made for Gen Z, the song captures their experiences and emotions, celebrating brown girls and spreading positivity.

Running Star's music is a fusion of pop, R&B, and hip-hop, inspired by the likes of Chris Brown, Pitbull, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and Wiz Khalifa. However, it was the legendary Yo! Yo! Honey Singh who left an indelible impact on his musical journey. Hearing Honey Singh's "Brown Rang" at a convent school recess sparked the fire to pursue music as a career.

Leaving his hometown behind, Running Star made his way to Mumbai, the city of dreams, and enrolled in a music school to refine his skills. His dedication and talent soon led to fantastic collaborations, like the track "Game Ova and Surfers" with Ravi Chauhan from "Kumkum Bhagya." Together, they brought their creative visions to life, making music that resonated with audiences.

But Running Star didn't stop there. He released his solo single, "Flawless Diamonds," where he took charge of every aspect, showcasing his abilities as an all-around artist. And then came a dream come true collaboration with Lil Capi, an artist known for his work on Adam22 No Jumper and Elevator. "Fall in Luv" became an instant hit, crossing over 100,000 plays on Apple Music within just two weeks.

Running Star's journey is not just about music; it's about chasing dreams, breaking barriers, and celebrating every step of the way. His unique blend of passion, quirkiness, and musical talent make him a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

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