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"Sadiyon Mein" a cute story of love, by Marshall Tyagi

Born In Arunachal, Marshall Tyagi has always had friends who were learning musicians. That's actually what planted the seed of music in him, starting his journey in high school, he has had alot of time to learn and find his sound. His work has been appreciated since his early age giving him the right visibility and boost into his career. Being a vocalist for the band Crystal Heads got him in the right mind set to peruse music seriously when the track Mistakes made it to the top 10 nationally on reverbnation carts. An album later in 2014 that worked well too landing them a record deal.

After a break from the band he got an offer for a planning engineer job for a highway project and he took that on only to realize 2 years into the job that this is not his calling and decided to start with his music as a solo performer. And soon was a top 25 contestant in the TV show for singers "The Stage" which boosted his career and set him out to being a full time Musician and producer.

His latest release "Sadiyon Mein" is song that has all the happy vibes the world needs right now, a song that will surely bring a smile to your face and some hidden emotions as well. Sadiyon Mein is a sweet and funny tale of love and friendship with melodies that will resonate with everyone who has fallen in love. With scenic views of Dehradun, its a cute video starring Swaty Negi, Rohan Rawat. Marshall Tyagi himself and his adorable pet Beagle. This song with a funny and innocent story this song will keep you mesmerized.

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