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Sahamanyu takes an introspective trip with his last track 'Refraction'

A National level cricketer & a mediocre student in academics till 18, Abhimanyu Saha aka Sahamanyu wasn't aware that music will be taking over him. It was around college when he discovered his love for the art and started playing guitar for college bands and entertaining his friends during hostel high times. He had disconnected with his guitar due to work, only to be reunited with it when he learned about Garageband on his office MacBook. . He soon realized that he could now channel his energy into creating something more than just a guitar melody and started working on producing electronic music. He has been experimenting with Electronic Music Production and took upon a mission to create experiences that brings the listener closer to their own self.

On 28th May he released Refraction, the second single of his third EP, this time experimenting with a synth-wave sound and trying to incorporate that into his workflow.

Refraction is about knowing how we are pretty much similar to the source material of the universe but still differ in ways that make us unique. The song has an uplifting melody with a soothing kick and bassline to it making it easily enjoyable. "This insight came up during a recent trip to home where I got to live, observe & absorb my parents for a longer time, thanks to work from home. It was easy to understand for a 3rd person that I am their genetic material. The song is a celebration of unity and uniqueness at the same time" says the producer.

The track took around 3 days to conceptualize and arrange the elements from start to end. The mixing of the track took another 3 days to be perfected. Abhimanyu doesn't have an overarching theme in his music. He wants to discover more music in the synth-wave and synthpop universe. He loves to integrate such sounds into his music. If he had the chance to, he would love to collaborate with Sia on a Synthpop track. Abhimanyu has been experimenting with electronic music production & performance with a mission to create experiences that brings the listener closer to their own self.

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