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Saloni Sinha takes us through a 'Galactic Voyage' with her solo project called 'Parasighted'

How often do you come upon a full-blown metal head performing an electronic act?

I say not very often. Going by the artist name Parasighted for her electronic act, Saloni Sinha is one of the handfuls of artists to do so. Based in Bangalore Karnataka, Saloni is a full-time designer, and on and off bassist for the last 8-9 years and she recently plunged into the world of electronica as an electronic producer.

Parasighted is an electronic act by Saloni and she has recently come up with her debut album Galactic Voyage which was released on 19 June 2021 across all major streaming platforms. When asked about her album Saloni tells us “My. My journey on this album began around last year July when I started my self-initiated project ‘Every once in a while’ which aimed to create a collection of tracks mainly to beat the lockdown blues. As an avid listener, I wanted to create music for my own art, which acted as a catalyst to my music production journey. The album consists of few handpicked tracks from the project, wherein I collaborated with my friends on few tracks” Saloni has collaborated with TanushreeSaha, Rohini Mohan, & Vishal J. Singh

Saloni has expressed herself through rhythms and melodies in this album. She connected her emotions to different sounds and her state of mind to the tempo. The pandemic affected the whole world and Saloni fought with her demons by laying them into music. The album takes the listeners through a journey inside her state of mind during the lockdown. In the track Fermi Paradox, Saloni has expressed her thoughts of how humans have extended their stay on earth and are looking to expand their reach into space. The album is a sonic journey through space where we ride along with Saloni in her Galactic ship through her meaning and sense of transcendence.

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