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Saluting architecture and music: North Axis Project's latest release "Minar"

Siddharth Bhayani is a 33-year-old artist from Ahmedabad whose journey as a musician began in the eighth grade. The world of architecture opened up an avenue of art forms of which music was one and that kickstarted his exploration as a musician experimenting with different genres, production, and playing. Since 2014, the artist has been exploring fusion.

His latest track 'Minar' was released on the 30th of September this year. This experimental/ electronic track has been inspired by the oriental genre, and was released under his project called "North Axis Project". The soulful melody is an ode to the culture and richness of Istanbul and Turkey and is infused with diverse instrumentals using Oud and Darbuka that lend it that flavorful Arabian oriental touch. The title of the song is inspired by the magnificent architecture of the region that has centuries of rich history embedded in it. It took four months to record the track and is available on both Spotify and YouTube. The beautiful artwork for the song was made by Siddharth's wife, Aastha Bhayani.

Influenced by musical stalwarts like A R Rahman and indie artists such as Karsh Kale, Midival Punditz, Bandish Projekt, Buddha Bar, and others, the artist describes himself as "an architect defining music". Consistent, authentic and creative, Siddharth is a force to reckon with and we eagerly look forward to his future projects and wish him the best of luck.

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