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Sam Waad | Artist Spotlight

“I was a shy kid who learned how to play the guitar because my sister forced me to go for classes. Looking back, this decision changed my life,” 22-year old singer-songwriter Samarth Shukla aka Sam Waad tells us. In his second year of college, he met music producer Vivek Sharma, who goes by Wave V, and the duo begun working on original music in 2018. Sam was born in Prayaraj, Uttar Pradesh and moved to Delhi in 2017, from where he currently makes music. What initially begun as remixes and covers of songs the duo liked, has now turned to creating their own music over the years.

Sam released his new single ‘Begaane’ on January 14, 2021. He tells us that the song is about those moments when you feel the butterflies in your stomach when you’re falling in love. He tells us, out of personal experience, that it is like walking into an ocean and the deeper you go, the crazier things get. You head is in the clouds and your heart begins to make all the decisions for you. A line that would resonate with anyone who has just fallen in love is “Tumhi se hote ujaale”, which roughly translates to you are my sunshine. Do you remember that old song?

Immediately after recording the song, the duo went on an 8000ft trek to watch the sun set about Nainital. Sam is a night owl and prefers working during the wee hours of the day as he appreciates the quiet and peace. He tells us that the first independent artist he listened to was Prateek Kuhad and this was the inspiration that maybe he could write his own music as well. Apart from him, Sam also takes inspiration for his music from Ed Sheeran, Zayn and Billie Eilish.

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