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Samanvay | Artist Spotlight

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Samanvay is an indie/soul singer-songwriter from New Delhi, who begun learning music as early as 6 or 7 years old. He chose music as a profession at the age of 18. He tells us that when he started off, there weren’t many famous indie artists, unlike today. In essence, he set out to be an Indian version of Ed Sheeran. In 2020, he released a 4-track EP named ‘Dead Letters’. He takes inspiration from John Mayer, The Local Train, and of course, Ed Sheeran.

Samanvay’s voice is wholesome and charming, with a somewhat playful, childish ring to it. Paired with simple acoustic music, it works wonders. On January 22 this year, he released his first Hindi single – ‘Tune Mere Dil Ko Chuna’. The song initially started out as a love song to his girlfriend, written in December 2017. As Samanvay matured, so did the song. Today, he says it is a tribute to everyone who brought positivity into his life. The song was recorded in November 2020 over the period of a week. He talks about how his best friend was the first one to hear the song. He liked the song so much that he was more excited than Samanvay for this release.

The artwork for the music was just a random picture Samanvay clicked when he was walking around in nature, which was later edited and shaped into the final product by his friend Yuvraj Sharma. Samanvay runs a home studio where he records and produces music. The studio is also open to the public. He tells us that he prefers working on his music during the night, thanks to the calm and quiet. He usually ends up working until 4 or 5am, depending on the project. He also works as a freelance sound designer and music producer. Given an opportunity, he’d love to work with Prateek Kuhad or Paul Davids. Hi there!

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