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Savaal Playlist 14

Sick Society -ENTEDHALLA

The society was falling sick, everything was haywire and the commotion took a name that the band 'Sick society' has embodied. They represent the state of the society with their music that speaks about the turmoil and complications in the system in an awefully calming way. A band that came together when Abin Thej and Kiran Paul decided to gather troops for their mission of getting rid of the sickness, the society suffers off and so he called in a few of his friends who more than just familiar names in the circuit. Kiran Paul and drummer Abin Thej and joined by Guitarist, HariKrishnan PV, and Keyboardist RuthinThej.

The band has released their new single 'ENTEDHALLA' on April 8 2021 which was released by the great Guitarist/Music director Rex Vijayan from Avail. The song gives you an idea of how things are going from bad to the worst in our country and how everyone should be more aware of the collapsed rights of people. The song digs deep into the system amidst normal people and has interpreted it in a form of the song Entedhalla. It was the drummer Abin Thejs idea to write the song in their mother tongue and making it something that their people relate and understand on a more personal level.

Shourya Kharbanda feat Satyum - Bubblegum Skies.

Indie Lofi Producer from Delhi Shourya Kharbanda who is known as Diewob loves creating relaxing and ambient music. In love with the chill, he loves creating a chilled-out vibe with his music. He started attracting a global audience when he released his EP Vivid Dreams in March 2020. He has been a part of a lot of collaboration projects and was also featured in Spotify's editorial playlist called 'Chill Station'. While making a name for Lo-Fi in the country he is trying to push this new genre to make people understand that it's more than just background music.

Diewob Released a new track called Bubblegum skies featuring Satyum. He

created a track that is elevating and pushes your spirit to make you float. Satyam (Satyum) wrote the lyrics of this song during a psychedelic trip of his where he experienced the death of his ego and felt this oneness with everyone. The lyrics depict the feeling of being in the skies with the birds and watching everything from the view where one can see more as a whole. The connection that you feel with everyone is one, is that everyone craves and connecting through music makes everything much more beautiful and this song helps you feel that.

SID - Found A Way feat Ayon Mukherjee and Omisha

Siddhant Raman Aka SID has come out with a collaboration with Ayon Mukherjee and Omisha, this track was recorded continents across. Sid has always been trying to find new music and trying to express himself in the art, he loves to construct songs from ideas that lay in his head and this one was one where the elements of Hip Hop, R&B, and Soul come together for 3 minutes of harmony.

'Found A Way', is his latest release, and it's a multi-genre track in one. Its got a lot of elements across genres and has a fun mix of each artist's style. The track has Omishas layered harmonies which are complimented with Sid and Ayons hard verses. The song depicts the hardships of being an independent artist and how they all rise against it and achieve their mission of making good art while having fun doing it.

Direfly - Bliss

Devashish Upadhyay aka Direfly is a Producer from Pune that also works as an audio engineer. He started his journey as an artist back in 2017 and since then has been committed to creating music that is true to him.

Bliss was released on 23rd April 2021 and it's an extremely soothing track that will mesmerize you in a spell and make you reminisce your happiest moments. The aura of sanctity would touch your heart, soul and would relieve you from your anxiety and stress. The song as the name suggests makes you feel bliss when the music begins to the time it ends. The song is what the artist calls his hymn of godliness.

ADiT - Z

Pranav Aditya aka ADiT is a Pianist from Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, and his journey started at the age of 9 when he started learning western classical music in Piano from ABRSM and Trinity College London. He became a professional musician at 17 and has composed and produced 2 albums and a few singles with a fusion of electronic music.

Z is the first track that he produced at the age of 17 and he's finally released it as a part of the album "Forever". This track has been a really special track for him and he holds it dear to his heart as it's his first composition. The track is laid with a beautifully layered guitar over a simple beat and groovy bassline.


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