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Savaal Playlist 15

Outfly - Resurface

Back in 2019, Maharshi Jani started the solo project that he named Outfly. His solo project is in the beautiful space of dream pop and he loves to combine his ethereal vocals with sounds of the synthesizers, often layering them with ambient guitars. He brands his music to be not only groovy but soulful too and he often draws inspiration from real-life experiences. His lyrics are unmistakably unique to his brand and yet relatable.

He sings in the form of personal letters to describe how he feels. His latest release 'Resurface' is such a letter to a loved one. The song describes the thoughts of a heartbroken lover who lost his muse but refuses to let go. The lovers are now separated due to the pandemic leaving them trapped in 2 different countries. The distance causes a rift that wedges their relationship but he isn't ready to let go and has decided to wait until the stars align to win back the love he lost. He wishes to Resurface the love that they lost and believes it's possible with persistence.

VIYAAN - Sirf Tera

VIYAAN is a musical duo that consists of Aryan Mankar and Yamraaj. The duo from Jamshedpur, Jharkhand met in high school and started Jamming, composing, and writing original music every since. The two were quite the trouble makers at school where no one supported their music and asked them to focus on their studies. They gained popularity in school by playing music all over the campus. The Lockdown last year took their lives for a turn and in September they recorded their debut, 'Sirf Tera'.

The track " Sirf Tera " Is a blend of beautiful composition and some beautiful lyrics combining the flavors of Urdu in it. The song is composed by Aryan Mankar while Yamraaj did the guitars. The lyrics were penned down by Afham Ahmed and the music was produced by CFX. This track tells us a story about love at first sight, it also includes some soulful guitar solos along with the produced track and the composition and vocals.

Flint Knife Murder - Aadi Rakshas

What started as a hobby to blow off lockdown steam, now has grown into a band with 2 explosive EP while revisiting their demo tracks. This extreme metal project by Shillong-based musicians that are now scattered in Mumbai and Bangalore was heavily inspired by the death metal scene of Shillong. This is a project by Siddharth Barua (Guitar, vocals), and Saptarshi Das (Bass, Vocals) and they compose with the aim to add a tribal and rustic vibe to death metal which is becoming very uninteresting and monotonous nowadays.

Their latest EP Aadi Rakshas that translates from Hindi to mean 'Ancient Beasts', is an amalgamation of 4 stories that tie together in their grotesque nature. The EP consists of 4 tales based around legends and stories that are infamous to their homeland. The first track 'Rakta Katha' is an instrumental that introduces the protagonist of the stories - a wounded monkey trapped in an urban jungle. The second track, 'Rai' is based on the lore from the Sunderbans about the king of beasts of the Man-eating tigers. It incorporates traditional drum patterns and an ektara in the composition. The third track 'Kadaknath' brings to life a character from someone's darkest nightmares a possessed chicken who wreaks havoc when it enters reality. And their Final track 'Elokeshi' is the tale of the Tarakeshwar murder incident of 1873. It tells the untold misery of the victim who never got her justice.

Himanshu Chavan - Sparks in a Jar of Snow

Pune-based singer-songwriter Himanshu Chavan has been yearning more for life than everyday breathing. He loves to resonate his muse for life with strangers, one song at a time. He started writing back in 2017 and has been performing around June of 2018 and since then he's blessed us with a unique voice and melodious tunes from his guitar.

His latest release 'Sparks in a Jar of Snow' is a song about the irony of human life and the duality of survival and solace, about how humankind endures whatever little or big is being thrown at it. The song is quite relevant now during a pandemic, but it was relevant even when he wrote it a year ago, back when it was about enduring little hills and not climbing a gigantic mountain.

Bérod - Impermanence

Darren D'Souza also known as Bérod for his solo project has traversed through many genres and a few projects along his journey. Before he started his solo project was the co-founder of indie-pop band Feathers in Space. This Goa-based artist loves to create in a dreamy sonic space and loves complimenting his travels by theme-ing music around the feeling he felt in his journey.

Impermanence EP is one that he composed during his travels to Kodaikanal making each track in the Ep explore themes of transience and balancing it with the feeling of being home. The first track of the EP Rectify is a song about his own experience in a relationship that helped him realign his perception of himself, the world, and what the future holds for him. The second is “Bereaved”, which depicts the death of an older self and how that makes him yearn for a sanctuary of home. The use of layered falseto vocals gives it a beautiful dreamy feel which makes you feel the warmth of home. The final track, “Heaven” features Nitin Muralikrishna AKA Palindroma, who helped him create an uplifting track with atmospheric vocals and the use of beautiful synth pads help create a space that gives justice to the title.

Scissor - Shiv Tandav

Utsav Bakshi aka Scissor is a New Delhi-based Psytrance producer and DJ who began his journey in 2017 when he hear Skrillex for the first time. He started with making dubstep beats but soon moved to psytrance after exploring and coming across Timmy Trimpet.

It was artists like Astrix and Vini Vici that inspired his psychedelic trance sound.

His latest release Shiv Tandav Psychedelic Illusion came to him when he heard Shiv Tandav and decided to make a psychedelic remake of it. He has used an optical illusion as the visualizer to depict his state of mind and to set a trip for the listeners to enjoy

Tarunbir Singh - Nai Jaana

Tarunbir Singh is a singer/ songwriter from Patiala, Punjab. Although most of his journey as a musician has been doing covers, he's embarked on a journey to write original content and express himself. After 7 years of practicing the art, he now writes his own content and is looking forward to India's Indie Music scene as a full-time career.

He has been performing live gigs across his region and also has participated in various contests as a musician before the lockdown.

His latest release 'Nai Jaana' is a romantic ballad that depicts fresh love and the beauty of newfound love. He wrote this song for someone who experiences the initial love and finds ways to express it to their partner. The drums pattern in the song, and the piano section carries a good blend of grand and mellow with it. The lyrics, Vocals, and composition is by Tarunbir Singh and was Mixed and Mastered by Nayan Agyal. The artwork was done by Bishal Mazumdar.

DJSAHIL - Dj Mashup

Sahil Gurbani aka DJSAHIL was born and bought up in Pune. At the age of 16, he experienced club music for the first time and fell in love with the genre and the energy it brings. He then took it upon himself to learn the art of Djing and started mixing music across genres until he found his style. He has learnt to play with a variety of genres such as a house, big room and also dwelled into Bollywood.

He is known for his unique style of remixing songs and often shows his skills by giving a new vibe to the latest hits.


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