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Savaal Playlist 15

Nikhil K- Esmeralda

Nikhil K is an aspiring musician from Chennai who started writing songs in 2020.

His latest track "Esmeralda" talks about the optimistic nature of a person who finds themselves in a fruitless relationship. It is about the undying hope that things will turn for the better and improve beyond what is possible. The artist got his inspiration for the track from the movie ' Hunchback' with its protagonists Quasimodo and Esmeralda. Interestingly, the artist has been playing the track at gigs in Chennai that have received a positive response and he, therefore, decided to release it officially as his first record.

Excited for his journey ahead, Nikhil hopes that his audience loves the track and supports him. We wish him the very best of luck with his upcoming projects.

Zen Clef - Corner Of My Brain

Rohan better known by his moniker Zen Clef is a talented artist from Delhi who specializes in the R&B, Neo-Soul, and Lofi genres of music. Having begun his journey as a drummer, he developed a zest for exploring and experimenting with different sound styles and says that ideally, his music is free-flowing and not tied down to a particular genre.

His latest track 'Corner Of My Brain' was released on the 18th of November this year and it traces the imaginary world within all of us, away from the harshness and limitations of reality. Using lush melodies, catchy lyrics, and soothing guitar riffs, it nudges the listener to catch a break and relax and recede within for a bit.

Passionate about contributing to the indie scene in India, Zen eagerly looks forward to what the path ahead holds for him and we wish him the very best of luck.

Mr. Todu - Navigate

Hailing from Mumbai and currently based in Gurugram, Mr. Todu is a musician and performer who makes his tunes after several years of experiencing different paths within the field of music. He says that he aspires to keep exploring different styles and sounds to keep the freshness and authenticity of music alive in India.

His latest EP 'Navigate' is an alternative and experimental trap/rap tape that offers a refreshing sound experience. Working with spontaneous ideas and inspirations, the artist has displayed a raw edge to music that heralds a new age of music that is much needed. Comprising four songs, each track shows 'Hinglish' pop lyricism and diverse trap production.

Completing his streak of having released 100 songs with this EP, we eagerly look forward to Mr. Todu's continued success in the world of music and wish him the very best of luck.

Anmol Sandhu - Tum Se

Having a passion for music since childhood, Anmol Sandhu is an artist who hails from Mohali. He began his journey as a musician by collaborating with his younger brother who goes by the moniker Koalres, during the pandemic and making his music. He is ideally the sole songwriter for his tunes and carries out most of the production on his own.

His latest track 'Tum Se' sweetly captures how an individual's significant other or better half adds to one's life and beautifully complements them, much like the moon and the stars always seen together. It uses an 80s style and is a romance-based track meant to evoke a feeling of love and fondness.

We are excited about Anmol's future projects and wish him the very best of luck.

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