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  • Virendra Narain

Savaal Playlist 16

Archverse - Beyond Authority

Anukool Kaushik is a metal musician that goes by the name Archverse. He is a guitarist who is always looking for the sickest riffs and guitar tones. His latest track Beyond Authority talks about the unsettling feeling of keeping a grudge against someone instead of trying to get immediate justice. The artist displays aggression while singing about the happiness around him and how to not let negativity take charge. For this track, he collaborated with Suvajit Chakraborty, Shawn Jacob, Abhijit Jagtap, and Anirudh Gollapudi.

Soumya - Taqdeer

With a decade of experience being a composer, songwriter, producer, and instrumentalist, Mumbai-based Soumya has taken music to be his full-time profession. With nothing to distract the artist, he focuses on honing his skills while letting music be the guide to him learning more about himself each day. His latest track Taqdeer is an abstract expression about the daily gamble of life. People's lives, hopes and dreams are all up to their "Taqdeer" says the artist. He also told us "The game of luck is hard to contemplate. It is like Poker. Perhaps, this is why the Ace trumps the King".


Hailing from Bhubaneswar, Odisha, Amrit Dash is a Hindi RnB artist who goes by the moniker AMR8. Although he started creating music in 2021, he has a lot of releases under his belt. Bringing you today is his 4 track EP named 'Aura'. Each track in the EP has a different vibe which makes this a versatile project. The concept came to him around a month ago and he put his money where is mouth is and got the EP ready. The tracks in the EP have an infectious tune that will keep you humming them from time to time.

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