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Savaal Playlist 17

Nitika - Oh My Dear

Chennai-based Nitika Rajkumar is a singer, songwriter, vocal coach, dancer, and entrepreneur. She has trained herself in the art of western classical for vocals and is a passionate pop singer. She released her first original in May 2021 called "Silhouettes On The Terrace".

Nitika's latest track 'Oh My Dear' was released on May 5, 2022. The track is a bittersweet take on long-distance relationships which is inspired by the Korean Drama, Crash Landing on You. When we asked her to tell us more about the track, she told us "The song is about two people spending their last night together, not knowing if they will ever see each other again. This vulnerable acoustic pop song is intentionally simple and raw because the artist wants you to feel what she felt and so much more".

Oh Arya - Kaafi Hai

Oh Arya has been producing music since he was 16 but got into hip-hop when he was 19. Born in Kolkata, he found himself in the Bengali rap scene and has been rapping ever since.

His latest track Kaafi hai is an ode to all underground artists and gully rappers, who hustle every day and give their art their best. Keeping aside all the times they have been shut down. The song has the staple gully rap and desi hip hop sound which the culture loves!

Bharatth - Chill Out Blues

Bharatth from Trivandrum is a unique artist with a distinct style of his own. He started composing music back in 2014 and has played as the lead guitarist for several bands. He soon changed his focus to music production in the last two years. His works have also gotten him working as a music producer for a few Malayalam films.

Chill out Blues is a track that came to him while he was looping a guitar progression. It can be conceived as a song that builds and develops itself as it progresses. Each layer gives a unique feel to the song, which ultimately lets the artist sing his heart out.

MGM - Kass Ke

Mr. Girish Music who also goes by MGM is an independent music producer and a rapper. Hailing from Solapur, Maharashtra, he started working on his rap skills at 14 and producing music by the age of 16.

His recent released "Kass Ke" is a song filled with emotions that he believes will touch many hearts. It's a love song with a relatable story about a girl who is fed up with her monotonous life. Who is lucky enough to have a boy who makes her feel like she's the only woman in the world.

Nk'nan - Riskin' it all

Nimesh Krishnan who goes by the name "Nk'nan" is a rapper who is born in Kerala and currently living in Kolkata. He started writing lyrics at the age of 13 but put out his debut track on Youtube in 2019. His debut track was a remix of Gucci Gang on which he dropped a sick freestyle.

In his latest track "Riskin' it all" he mainly focuses on the need to risk everything. He believes that people are scared to risk it all, just so they can stay in their comfort zone. This track is for everyone who is willing to risk it all to make that change in their life.


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