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Savaal Playlist 19

Mehr – ‘Songs I wrote on the bathroom floor’

An alternative, pop singer-songwriter and music producer from New Delhi, Mehr has been writing songs since the age of 10. She had started singing even before that and claims to find herself in trees, seas, mountains, and winds. The 21-year-old artist’s music mostly revolves around finding herself with every song being a fable – a reflection of fragments of herself in music. She has been interviewed by Rolling Stone India and has played at Breaking Sound Radio, Los Angeles, Nashville, NYC, and The UK. Mehr was also on Spotify’s editorial playlist ‘Fresh Finds India.’

Her latest EP ‘Songs I wrote on the bathroom floor’ is a collection of nine songs representing nine different colors. Starting from black, red, and orange to the end of the spectrum – violet and white, each of these songs and colors carry with them nine different emotions, all written on the same spot. It was released on August 27.

Mehr considers herself to be a mere collection of words and colors and spends a lot of her time trying to find ways to express it. We can't wait for more such pieces from her.

Zodiac Wave – ‘Hoping they would fall’

An artist who grew up in an environment where music and other artistic pursuits were nurtured, 19-year-old Saptarishi De, known by his alias Zodiac Wave is a singer-songwriter and music producer. He found his passion for music through his grandfather until the spark slowly faded away only to be rekindled when the world hit the pause button during the lockdown. Saptarishi then composed several melodies in his room to bed away from the outside world trying to find solace and contentment. With over 200k monthly listeners on Spotify, he was Assam’s first independent artist to spend the highest time being aired on television. He has also been exclusively featured on an Indian music channel, Bootleg Boy and multiple editorial playlists on Spotify.

‘Hoping they would fall,’ his latest single is about someone who is trying to acknowledge their feelings but also being in denial at the same time, trying to exist in reality while coexisting in the world both of them have created. It also signifies the bittersweet feeling of helping someone ease their pain while trying to do what is best for themselves. With a tinge of melancholy, this song impersonates the yearning to go on with their mundane life, while desperately trying not to break the monotony, in an attempt to gain self-control. ‘Hoping they would fall’ holds a special place in Saptarishi’s heart as for the first time, he is making an appearance in one of his music videos as he portrays the character he resonates with. “At the end of the day, it is not the pursuit of one’s happiness but the happiness in the pursuit,” he added.

Along these lines, the homegrown music producer eventually found his home in music.

Abhimanyu Sharma – ‘Naayaab’

Based in Jaipur, this artist started his musical journey just five years ago. Abhimanyu Sharma started as a vocalist in his band ‘3 A.M’ where they wrote original songs and released them. Currently, he is the bassist of this alternative rock band.

With his immense creativity, he wrote a couple of songs long back, ‘Naayaab,’ his latest single being one of them. The debut single was written, composed, and sung by the artist himself. When asked to talk a little bit about his song, he said “Love is the most precious emotion. Letting go of someone is not easy. Losing your love feels as though the world has ended but you reminisce about them everywhere you go and in everything you see and feel, it becomes all about them. However, you still choose to adore and cherish the time that you have spent with them. It feels beautiful, this emotion is ‘Nayaab.’ Even though they are no longer in your life, the emotion ‘love’ does not seem to rust.”

We hope Abhimanyu comes up with more such amazing songs in the future.

Suyog Vyas- 'Tujhse Milna Hai'

A music enthusiast who began his journey in 2021, Suyog Vyas is based in Pune, Maharashtra. Since then he's done his best to maintain a crystal clear voice and broaden his music variety. To widen his people interaction and broaden his experience, Vyas started to perform at a few commercial gigs earlier this year. Appreciative and admiring of his talent, his friends gave him a nod of approval over a few of his original songs which encouraged him to focus on releasing at least one song this year. He achieved it through the release of his latest track, 'Tujhse Milna Hai'.

An original, the track is inspired by the artist's three most beautiful days of his life. When heard with a musically attuned ear, the track is soothing, calm, and peaceful to listen to. Vyas says that although the lyrics may be inspired by his life, it's a journey that everyone has been on themselves. The song is an ode to those beautiful moments in everyone's lives.

We eagerly look forward to more of Suyog's magic.

Apoorv Sharan - 'Answers'

Apoorv Sharan is an artist from Greater Noida West, U.P who started off as a musician three years ago when he first released his singles on YouTube.

'Answers', his latest release is also his first album release as an artist. It is a plethora of genres with Hindustani Classical as its main focus. An album of nine songs, it has three English tracks and six Hindi ones.

Everyone has a song they can go to in this album, as Apoorv explores different themes and styles in each track. The first track is an inspired mix of Hindustani classical and alternative genres, the second English ballad- is set to a minor key, and the third which the artist claims is arguably the best listen on the album is a blend of hip hop and Hindustani Classical. The fourth track is a quintessential sad melody while the artist gets experimental on the fifth track with its metal genre. The sixth track goes back to Hindustani classical with an interesting play on tempos, styles, and notes while the seventh track has a jazz base with a sprinkle of electro. The eighth, which is the title track tells a meaningful story delivered through resounding vocals and well-balanced lyrics.

And lastly, the final track ends the album on a peppy note with its upbeat EDM vibe that focuses on the vocal FX sealed with feel-good lyrics.


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