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Savaal Playlist 5

Max Kate - Higher

Maitreya aka Max Kate ( 18 ) an independent electronic music producer, composer, and professional pianist based out of Mumbai, India. Max Kate has always been playing the piano, he started learning the instrument at the age of 4 and has expanded his knowledge of music and has now played quite alot of venues all over our nation. He reached a point where he decided to drop out of school and pursue full time musician career instead of leaving it as a hobby. Dropping out of school turned out to be a major turnover in my life, because that was the point, I decided to choose music as a career from my usual hobby. His latest release "Higher" features Suhasini (@suhasinimusic) with a very lonely, haunting vocals accompanying a soulful tune, is a song about love and longing that also weaves in threads of determination, defiance, and hope for freedom.

Gorai Gangstarz - Money Honey

Prayag AKA Bohthard has spent the last 5 years in the Hiphop scene in Gorai, Mumbai. He has been performing and releasing music since he began and started to represent his Hood ( Gorai ) where Hiphop is now becoming the genre of the youth. He met his partner in crime Shivam aka Xo-Chendya in his hood the RapDuo was named "Gorai-Gangstarz". Their latest track "Money Honey" is based on the importance of money and how it can be used for the right or wrong deeds. It also highlights how it is important for the poor to learn how to make and save money as it is utmost important in the time we live in. The song is written in Hindi, English and Marathi.

Tanishq - Taare Gin

Tanishq from Manali, Himachal Pradesh has a very different Take on Lofi and Rap and likes to call his music Indian LoFi. The twist where he uses Lofi beats and writes tranquil lyrics to fit the mood. "Taare Gin" is a special track because this is a unique fusion of jazz and lo-fi hip hop which very few artists have experimented with throughout the globe. Although being a love song with great melodies and a unique sound this soothing track gives the listeners a feeling of tranquility and calm as well as that feeling of missing somebody special.

Ryan Philips - June

Ryan is a passionate 20 y/o guitarist based in New Delhi, India. With his attachment to music coming on early in his life, Ryan has always found his escape in listening to wonderful musicians from around the world. He was always surrounded by music, be it as a child in the choir to when he grew older and worked with many cover bands doing gigs at events and was in a few bands through his college life now as a solo guitarist with his Debut track "June". The song is a soft rock ballad featuring a storytelling guitar solo, relaxing vibes and a tale about the small things that make life beautiful. He describes the song as the perfect track to listen to whilst lying down under the stars at night and he added "Every person I shared this song with was able to find their own unique meaning in it, and that’s what makes instrumental music so fascinating. The story can be whatever you want it to be, and that to me is another feeling in itself.”

King FreakHit - After Hours

Pratik Singh is a 21 year old Rapper who goes by the stage name King Feakhit from 

Dwarka, New Delhi. He started his Rap Career in 2014 with Abhinav Bhanot AKA RXGE and dropped his first Track "Real Thang". The track is titled as "After Hours" written by King FreakHit and produced by Yung venxm. In this track, King FreakHit talks about his late night state of mind where he thinks about the things he needs, thoughts about choosing Rap as his Career and about how he is more himself now and that now its not about winning or losing and wants to express himself through Rap.


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