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Savaal Playlist 7

Pratiksha - Zindagi

Pratiksha Gogoi from Guwahati Assam, started learning music at a very young age. When she started to live in Guwahati for her graduation at Cotton University, she met some very talented musicians and my interest in music grew more. Zindagi is her first Hindi single composed by her senior at college Mrinmoy Kalita and written by Rakesh Roshan. They had planned for this song around two years ago. The song 'ZINDAGI' talks about embracing life in its real form, being positive about whatever that comes in life, and never losing the strength of our mind and heart. It relates the processes of the elements of nature to the human life and shows how nature embraces everything with the hope that comes in its way. In the song, you can see the dominance of live instruments mostly. This was done to make the song organic and real as possible.

Dipayon - Xagor Ximonat

Priyam Kataki is the name behind 'Dipayon' the musician persona. Born in Mangaldai Assam he has been signing since childhood but he never thought of creating his own songs. Taught by his mother during his early ages, he later went to learn Indian Classical Music in Mangaldai itself and started singing and performing at local functions and at school competitions. " Xagor Ximonat ", the name means 'on the sea shore' is an Assamese Tropical pop love song with a fusion of classical vibe in it. The song is composed & sung by Dipayon, the music is produced by Klanz and the lyrics is penned by Arun Kataki.

B-Leaf - Do pal Chain Ke

"It's been a long day at work and now you're home, sitting alone and letting your thoughts take over you. Your mind first wanders off to five years back, when you used to try and imagine how life would be five years later. And now that you're here, you again start to think about how it's gonna be five years from now. And amidst all of this, you feel really tired and can't focus on anything any more. Ae zindagi, do pal chain ke maangu tujhse!" - Venugoal Shah ( B-leaf )

Shrey - Kháos

Shreyas Dahiwade is a Nagpuri Produce Music who goes by the name "SHR3Y", He started making Music from 2018 but didn't release anything till 2020.Inspired by Hardwell, Blasterjaxx, W&W and similar Artists, he fell in love with big room and aims to make Bigroom Music Popular in India and Represent our country around the Globe.

His latest track "Kháos" is a Festival style Bigroom Track (EDM). It's a Medieval Themed track with some ethnic vibe to it. To keep things interesting he has used a "Zurna" which is a middle Eastern Wind Instrument that sounds pretty much like a bagpipe, and also added some orchestral elements in the break section to keep up with the overall energy of the track.

Prodigy- Kimmat

Ayush Sonawane a.k.a PRODIGY is a Rapper from Pune, who raps in a Rap Dou called Rap Katta. They Rap in Marathi and keep it local and Rapping about Social Issues in Maharashtra and Pune. This new Rap dou is getting the crowd stirred up with their thought provoking Lyrics and Emotinal Melodies. This song features Ashstar.


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