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Savaal Playlist 8

Revoic & Addy Berry Ft. Komal Panwar - Tere Liye

Revoic is a Delhi based Musician & Performer, started of his journey in late 2010, choosing music as way of expression with original music,his songs are simple and Evocative, music no bound of a specific genre. He met with Addy Berry who has a vision to twist and turn the straight formulas of genrefication in electronic music to create never heard before tracks and Komal Panwar from Jaipur who brings a new twist with her vocal range and style variation for his latest single "Tere Liye". Tere liye is an upbeat pop song inspired heavily by the EDM roots that Revoic and Addy Berry has, The song talks about how some relationships are never meant to last forever, all the sacrifices, promises, affection might not last forever. Song celebrates a different aspect of love, while the Music is Up Beat the lyrics are talking about the pain and broken promises that one might see in its relationship. Music video stars the very talented Vanshika Allhuwalia

Rohan Saha - Khudgarz

Born & brought up in Kolkata, India, Rohan is an independent Alternative Pop artist. His taste in R&B/Pop, Rock/Nu-Metal music & Indian Classical influence led him to choose a fusion style for his projects. The song is about lost love and a personal experience of his which made him resort to music to pour out his emotions. Being an Indian born, Rohan grew up listening to Bollywood songs mostly. Although, his western taste started from listening to British Pop Artists. Rohan's music taste developed more & more when he started listening to the UK & USA based R&B artists along with the evergreen rock & metal bands. All this makes Khudgarz a fulfilling song to listen to and triggers the emotions that Rohan wants to portray.

Adi Verma - Raahi

Adi Verma is a 19 year old Composer, Producer, Songwriter and Drummer from Bhopal, India. He started my musical journey at the age of 7 with the 'Tabla' and eventually by the time he was in his teens he had picked up Drums, Cajon, Dhol, Dhokal, Bongo, and Congo. At the age of 16 he was the youngest member of a rock fusion band , 'Riyaaz'

His latest release ‘Raahi is a song that captures the complexities of relationship and the emptiness they leave in their passing, allowing one to move away from the incomplete paths of life. The deep melodies in ‘Raahi’ cleverly allows you to navigate through the deepest emotion of pain and loss giving you the strength to let go.

Tmplr - Forget

R Vishnu Pratap from Bhilai, Chhattisgarh is an electronic music producer under the alias "TMPLR". He started production in 2017 and got into Djing and mixing by 2019. He produces a wide rage of genres honing his talents across the spectrum. He has played many club gigs all over Chennai in 2019 while pursuing his education in B-tech. Fusing his production and his mixing he put out his latest Lo-Fi release named "Forget". In this track he has used the classic 2-5-1 jazz chord progression to give it a nostalgic feel. The sound design gives off a very vintage aesthetic.

Harshal - My Eyes On You

Harshal is a R&B singer from Delhi who sings and writes his own music. He started his Career back in 2015 and has been working on his music ever since. He has released a few songs over the years. This song is a song about affection and liking a person. Harshal sings about love being a lie and about how it ends in betrayal. The song was written and performed by himself.

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