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Savaal Playlist 9

Danny Ke Dose - Main Tujhse Hoon

A happy soul we came across from Gurgaon is Danny, a singer-songwriter who produces his music from his artful home studio setup. Known as "Danny Ke Dose" he is also active in the live-music scene mainly across the Delhi-NCR circuit, his live gigs will take you on a journey of his indie-pop acoustic originals to hindi/english pop/rock genres. He primarily plays guitar & harmonica to flavor his songs.

His latest track "Main Tujhse Hoon” is a romantic pop song which talks about expressing love and the dire wish to be with someone you love.It talks about the experience of meeting somebody for the first time and taking through the journey of wishing to be together and share moments together making it a perfect track to share with a loved one. on valentines day.

Max Kate - Weekend

18-year-old Maitreya aka Max Kate started his musical journey when he was four when he began playing the piano. Since then, his excursion into this field has been an acclivitous as he proceeded to learn electronic music production and DJ-ing from the Lost Stories Academy in Mumbai. His endearment for music made him relinquish school after 10th grade and plunge into his music career. Sonically, his music is mainly acoustic guitars, and breezy mellifluous tones on the keys which resonate jubilant vibes, transcending the listener to their happy place. After gradual accretion in his career, Max Kate acceded to being a full-time producer and songwriter who collaborates with singers. October 2020 saw the release of his debut single.

Khushi Lovekar - Nepenthe

Khushi Lovekar is a composer/arranger hailing from Pune and is currently based out of Singapore where she is completing her BA Hons. Music degree from LASALLE College of the Arts, specialising in Composition and Arranging. Khushi has been classically trained as a Pianist and as a Hindustani Vocalist. She has composed music for Short films, Animation films and Theatre productions. Khushi hopes to put out more music in the coming year while working as a Film Composer.

“Nepenthe” is Khushi’s debut single, composed and performed in the style of instrumental rock. Nepenthe is described in Greek mythology as a drug that helps forget sorrow. Khushi envisioned this song as a sonic representation of the drug, Nepenthe. The song has a simple arrangement of atmospheric keys, piano, electric guitar and a powerful rhythm section.

Pallavi Kiragi - Blade Runner


Pallavi Kiragi is a 21 years old from Bangalore, India who had her first taste in music, when she started playing the flute in 3rd grade and became obsessed with that instrument.

She later learned to play keyboard and acoustic guitar during high school and after falling in love with artists like Krewella & Like Mike she immediately got inspired to make digital music and become a DJ. When that failed she took to her final transition into producing in 2017 where she got inspired by composers like John Williams, Hanz Zimmer, Ludwig Goranssen and create music that's a mix of EDM and soundtracks.

She has been releasing singles and demos on Soundcloud until in 2020 when I officially got my songs distributed to major streaming services and released my debut EP "Going Places" on these platforms. The track "Blade Runner" in the EP is inspired by the movie's imagery and sound giving it futuristic and cinematic vibes. It has a sci-fi score approach with layering different sounds and automation. It is an ambient, melodic track composed with soft synths and gritty bass and drums, entirely instrumental.

Paul Livi - Internet Love

Paul Livi from Chennai started playing Keyboards at the age of 12. And during the start of his career he was more of a live performer. After being a live musician he got into producing music at the age of 25.

This track "Internet Love" is my debut single from an upcoming Ep 'Gelato', Featuring an amazing and the best Indie Artist Award wining Vocalist - STEVIE and an Amazing Rapper Amogh Balaji. It is an Electro pop Genre. Influenced by some Edm, pop, Rap and little bit of RnB Artists styles mixed with it. And this track is about Long distance relationships and maintaining that relationship over the digital medium of Internet".

Bad Trip - Kya Pata

The 5 Piece Delhi based Alt/Rock band "Bad Trip" releases their new single 'Kya Pata' . The band has always aimed to display the genre in a manner that unfolds the covers of the sheltered form of rock music.Their new single, 'Kya Pata' is about “feeling like you can’t wait to grow up”. When we do actually ‘grow up’, we realise that our best years are behind us and how the time flew.

They have achieved a really unique blend of sounds with their bi-lingual lyrics and heavy punk rock influences. The metamorphosis of growing up is something we all deal with and the way the band has played out their view on the unavoidable and how they sing about breaking the barriers that we have in our heads to achieve enlightenment. The song was recorded part by part at each members place, arranged it and sent to mix and master by Keshav Dhar at Island Studio in Bombay.

Ganeshsingh Rathore - Raahi

Ganeshsingh Rathore is a singer song writer from Pune who started off as a musician 6 years ago and writes indie pop songs in Hindi. His music is a beautiful light expression of enjoying life. He adds his happy energy into his singing and lightens the mood.

His latest track is called 'Raahi' and as the name suggests it is based on a traveler's life. Speaking on the expression "The mountains are calling" he sings about how the heart feels like we should leave the city and travel to the mountains or beaches. How a traveling heart will always call us out to experience life for the natural beauty it withholds.

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