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Savaal Playlist 2

Cyp3r - Chaos Control

Cyp3r from Mumbai is 22 years old Dj and music producer who has been active in the mumbai scene since he was 18 and has performed in various clubs in Mumbai like XXO, Alibii, and Tryst to name a few. He has also headlined a few college festivals and was also a Judge for the War of DJs in one of those fests. He has signed deals with labels like Digital Room Records from Austria and Mojoheadz from California, USA. He is currently managed by the Label, Universal Chaos, and has released a few singles which are available on all online stores. He released an EP named "Dark Techno EP" which consists of 2 dark and energetic Techno. 1. Acid Universe 2. Chaos Control these tracks have acid sounds and heavy techno bass drops, it has a very powerful drive and fits perfectly for club ambiance. 

Floyd Aranha - Switch Groove

Floyd Aranha is a singer-songwriter from Mumbai, India. He started playing the keyboard at the early age of 9 and continued his musical journey ever since. He got seriously into music when I was 18 when I picked up the guitar and since then he's grown with his music and even was the runner up on the 8th season of Indias Got Talent. Switch Groove is a fun song that he wrote during the lockdown about how life would be if he one day woke up as his pet cat. The track mentions the luxurious life which he'd have and how he could sleep the entire day and get food at his table without any effort. The song is an amusing and playful take on music that can be enjoyed over and over to escape the crisis we are in.

Screaming Cactus - Play

Jeremy Majaw from the city of Shillong in the Hill State of Meghalaya. Primarily he is a part of a Funk Band based in Bangalore but he has started to make some Hip-Hop music on the side. It’s been 3 years since I learned the basics of music and here I am. He started to make covers on YouTube and Instagram and finds putting out music is highly therapeutic.

The song “Play” is a homage to a past friend of his who lost his life in his battle against a harsh disease. Jeremy wrote this song after he received the call about his friend's passing. The hook and the lyrics are just the disbelief that he had at that point about the whole situation. The bass parts of the song were done by his friends from Shehtoot.

Kritik- Laila

Kritik Gangawat is a Singer and Composer from Jaipur, Rajasthan, currently based in Mumbai. He started performing at a very young age, has been singing for over 17 years, and now working as an independent artist for more than 5 years. Laila is a playful and melodious song both written and composed by him. It has been composed in Jazz & Blues, along with love, being the mood and subject. The super groovy guitars in the song have been played by Manohar Hosmani and the entire music production/ mix & master has been done by Tarish Prakash.

CMND Z - Digital Sex

Anant Abbi Aka CMND-Z is a young producer/artist hailing from the capital New Delhi. Based on his latest track on Cyborg Theory, his latest single is "Digital Sex" in which he's synthesized most of the sounds used to create the track. It is an eerie sounding track with the idea of humans and technology combined to create a progenitor of sorts. "Digital Sex" with elements of dubstep and trap with futuristic glitch, advances his sound with more maturity. His interest in music first sparked when he started playing around with percussive instruments which eventually nudged him into the direction of Sound Design and Music Production. At the age of 18, he decided to move to Mumbai, India to study and pursue music professionally, which lead him to work and collaborate with multiple artists from various genres.

Siraj - Shukriya

Siraj Alam AKA Siraj Lekhak from Siliguri, West Bengal started rapping 2 years ago and only wants to improve his skills constantly. It all started when he heard a few rap tracks on Youtube; the style, the lyrics, and the culture overall. Using only his phone to record his tracks, Siraj learns music on the same medium he got introduced to it (Youtube) and has released quite a few tracks with his limitations, proving you dont need high-end equipment to be able to share a message. His latest track Shukriya was written as a song of gratitude for all his friends and family that supported him and helped him get where he is today.

Check It Stan - #Trend

Anurag Pariyar from Ranchi, Jharkhand is a rapper that started writing raps and making music in 2017. He writes his latest track "#trend" after getting sick of how people who make silly trends go viral and get recognition where real art and important issues and being ignored. He believes we should stop pushing such trends and wants to encourage true art. He quotes " We Should know The difference Between Talk Sick And Toxic."

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