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Savaal Playlist 3

Shubi XXL - Countdown

Shubham Dhiman from Chandigarh who is known better as Shubi XXL when he gets on stage as a solo artists who started his career in 2012. He started music with Rapping and took on the Bass guitar when he was in a band called Fridaus in 2018. This song is a mix of Rock and Hiphop as he is a huge Linkin Park fan and it is because of their influence, hes taken more into the genre. The lyrics of the song are based upon the true incidents of where there have been people, who have tried pulling him down when he tried to work his way as an artist.

Buddha In a Jar - White Flag

Introducing Buddha In A Jar, an alternative experimental 7 member Kolkata based band formed in the year 2016. This unit of misfits speak about the various facets of life which goes unnoticed. This song has roots deeply embedded in one of the most overlooked illnesses of our society. It's more than often that bright lights are punctuated when they fall into the downward spiral of depression. The allegorical lyrics speak about the mind,when there are times it just wants to wave the "white flag". The song ends with the band trying to speak to those delicate souls and letting them know that all is not lost. The line " the story that you thought has gone all cold,has some warm unwritten lines waiting to be told" reverberates those thought.

Ankit Saini - I Need You

Ankit Saini is a young Pop Musician from Chandigarh and has started his musical journey in the year 2017 and since then he has been writing songs, singing, and producing music. The song 'I Need You' is about a person who has fallen in love with a strange girl, with whom he had a beautiful night in a different city. He sings about how he feels alone and all he can do is think about her, because he doesn't know her name and whereabouts and might never be able to get in touch with her again.

The 1920 - No Time to Lose

Rohit Venkatesan stage name The 1920 from Thane, Maharashtra is a multi instrumentalist who has been practicing music since the age of 8. He now being 23 has a proficiency in Keyboards, Guitar, Bass, Vocals and 5 other instruments which he is in the process of learning. The track "No Time to Lose" is basically made for any kind of a scene which requires uplifting music or just can be used as a motivational music when you are down. We live in a world where the content of the songs written has become very limited. No time to lose is basically a song that says no there are a hundred thousand different things for which songs can be written if you actually look.

Tejax - Pinjra

At the age of 15 Tejas Yadav began his music career inspired by many big names in the Music Industry.He started his career as DJ in 2016 and followed that with Music Production in 2017 November. His latest single "Pinjra" which means a cage, contains the Combination of Indian ethnic & classical sounds with the Electronic texture. Idea of the track PINJRA was started in beginning of the lockdown on 28th March, this track expresses his feeling for nature, How humans are treating nature and how nature reacts back, When the Covid 19 pandemic just started the birds were freely flying and humans felt locked in a cage.

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