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Frntflw - What about me

One of the two musical projects by Nagpur-based Music producers and DJs Mayank Vidhani and Tushar Mulchandani is Frntflw. The duo is known for performing pioneering music across various genres as “FRNTFLW” and “WABI WABI” The duo has been on a journey making electronic-inspired pop music and releasing singles, such as “Raina “a fusion of Indian classical with electronic music and, "One Dance", an anime-inspired love song which has more than two hundred and fifty thousand streams and counting, across multiple platforms. Experimenting with diverse sounds and playful tunes, they’re back with a new single “ What about me “.

The record has been produced by Mayank Vidhani and Tushar Mulchandani, better known as Frntflw, along with the powerful vocal and lyrical composition by Ishyta Sakharkar. “What about me” is a pop crossover song with mesmerizing melodies, soulful vocals, undeniable groove, and a bass-heavy chorus redefining the sound of the present in search of the future. The Record has a clear melody that sounds soft and mellow. The heavy bassline on the chorus leaves a robust and unforgettable impact on the listener. The song has an air of despair to it, but it has been revitalized in a fresh new light from the unique collaboration of these two powerhouse artists. “What About Me” reflects the ever-present feeling of 'What about us?' that often a building relationship encounters. Be it in the struggles of a relationship or the best moments in the journey of love. Or be it the focus on self-love and growth after a relationship comes to an end. In this craftily emoted track, “What About Me," the listener will feel all these emotions at every beat.

Killa K

Kevin Lourd, better known by his moniker, “Killa K”, is a 21-year-old Tamilian Rapper, hailing from the streets of Bengaluru. Killa K’s foray into hip-hop began as a 16-year-old. His sound draws influence from renowned greats like Tu-Pac, Biggie and 50 Cent, whilst sowing it with his Tamilian roots. Thus, sprouting a signature tune that blossoms in his own lane. His biggest song Va voi (Come bro), has amassed over 120K views on Youtube.

On 17th July, Killa K released his debut album "From the cave". It is a 11 track project that not only encapsulates the essence of Tamil Hip-hop, a Desi hip-hop subgenre, as it hosts featured artists from Coimbatore, and Bengaluru, but also carries a global tone via collaborations with artists from different countries such as Malaysia and Serbia.

Some of the significant bangers on the album are:

1. Inge (Produced by Shaq-T). Inge is the opening track of the album and serves as an appetizer for what's to come when the listener progresses through the project. The beat is spiced with a South Indian touch whilst having a dash of a West coast twang in its soundscape. Killa K speaks about what it's like to be a Bangalorean, and the local cultural essence that is often submerged by the status of the metropolitan city.

2. 080 (produced by KF & Kavan, feat. Kali & AVP).

080 is track number 7 on the album and hosts two of the biggest names in the Kannada underground scene, namely Kali & AVP. The track serves the role of being a banger, an easy-to-digest track on the listener's ears with a booming beat as a catalyst.

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