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Savaal Push Play 5

Unrulyshewrote - 333 ( prod. Kalash )

Harrison Forbes Morgan who goes by the moniker Unrulyshewrote is a rapper from Orlando Florida. Born with a passion for music, he has been practicing his skills for a couple of years. He recently dropped his fourth project called "Anxiety". This latest project is dedicated to mental awareness. The artist also suffers from Anxiety which is what makes him more passionate about the project. He is working as a part of an Independent label called "Speak Greek" which was founded by his older brother "Apollo".

RedZing & Aniket Sarigaonkar - Khoobsurat

A collaboration between RedZing & Aniket Sarigaonkar landed us the track Khoobsurat.

The artists wrote this song to speak about how different people have a different understanding of beauty and happiness. In their eyes, they believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The track speaks of how a positive mind leads to positive actions which lead to beautiful results. The track was dropped on 21st June, world music day.

The track was made by Arbaz Hanif Shaikh aka Redzing who has been in the industry for the last decade, along with Aniket Sarigaonkar aka Anikethiphop who has been in the scene as of the last 6 years. While Redzing has taken over the video production of the track, Aniket produced the beat to the track.

EXON'N - Tu Mere

Soumojit Nag who goes by the moniker Exon'n is a music producer from New Delhi. He has been working on music production for the last 6 years now. In his latest track " Tu Mere" Exon'n has made a debut of his vocal performance. The song was inspired by watching a story of a girl who had a medical condition where she could only be awake at night. The track is about a working guy who meets the girl once at night and falls in love with her. The song describes their story of differences, desires, love and wanting.


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