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Maanaav Podaar - Chaalo Naa

Known in the Bollywood circuit, Maanaav Podaar is a voice that stands apart. The 21-year-old music composer, singer-songwriter, and music producer grabbed the limelight in the music business with his first single 'Uske Bina' which was launched by Zee Music. He has worked with famous names from the music industry. His debut was sung by Shivam Mahadevan (son of illustrious Indian singer Padmashree Shankar Mahadevan). Maanaav's collaborations include one with Legendary singer Usha Uthup and he has also worked with Shahid Mallya, Rajesh Sharma, and Siddharth Basrur.

His latest track Chaalo Naa was released on Jun 6, 2021, and features Smriti Thakur & Roshan Putwar. This song is a nostalgic one where he is singing about the memories from our school days such as our first crush and all the cute shenanigans that come with the innocent years. This song is an acoustic composition where he has used an acoustic guitar, piano, and flute. It's a song that he wrote while he was traveling alone to Darjeeling and an old friend called him out of the blue, reminiscing old times. Maanaav picked acoustic instruments and avoided electronic ones to depict the times where he was in school and electronic instruments were that popular or easily available.

Mohit Rohilla - Nazar

Mohit Rohilla is an Independent singer-songwriter from Gurgaon, Haryana with a voice that will melt your heart. He began his journey as an artist when he moved to Bangalore at the age of 17 for studies. Mohit who comes from a household without any musical history started created music because of his urge to do something beautiful. he has released 2 single and is working towards an EP. He believes that if you want to get something done and done right, It's best to do it by yourself. It was difficult starting off as an artist but his music is mostly about motivation and his constant need to grow and learn new things.

'Nazar' is Mohits Debut track that he released on 29 Feb 2020 and is also the first original composition that he wrote himself. the song is dedicated to people who find themself in a one-sided relationship. Even though this is the first composition that he released last year, he wrote the hook "Teri ek Nazar ke liye ye Duniya chord du” in his 10th grade. His parents gifted him a guitar at 16 and he spent 2 years learning it and he released this track 5 years after picking up the instrument. Although he's had help from a few friends In this track, He aims to learn all the aspects of creating music and a video to support it by himself.

Mohit still would love to credit his family and his friend Akul who produced the track for him.

Whale in the Pond - Dui Thappor

Kolkata-based Whale in the pond is an indie dream folk band consisting of Sourjyo Sinha, Shireen Ghosh, Sagnik Samaddar, and Deep Phoenix. The band came together towards the end of 2016 and they have been performing together ever since. They record all their tracks in their home studio in Kolkata.

They released 'Dui Thappor' on May 16, 2021, and this song was a lifelong attempt by songwriter Sourjyo Sinha to write a Bihu song but in Sylheti, He has always been influenced by folk music and he took some inspiration from Stevie Wonder in this track. The song features Sambit Chatterjee on percussion and Lucia Thomas on violin. They work with Mastering Engineer Rohit Ganesh for all their projects.

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