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BassKaster – ‘Satan Ft. Drgsst’

Based in Mumbai, BassKaster become a musician in 2016. He has loved dance music ever since he can remember and used to wonder how it was made. After seeing Nucleya’s after movie of him making music from his laptop, he started researching music production. This became his passion in no time.

‘Satan Ft. Drgsst,’ his latest track indicates that everyone has a dark side. Released on September 1st, the track is a unique blend of electronic and Indian hip-hop genres. It brings Indian hip hop and electronic music together to give the audience the best of both worlds.

Rayllex and Arshan – ‘Urja’

Based in Mumbai, Yash Shirodkar aka Rayllex is a self-taught musician who began producing music on his computer as a creative outlet in 2015 during his summer vacations. He produces everything from super powerful electronic tracks to ethnic ambient soundscapes, Psytrance, to Dubstep bangers. He loves producing songs that have never been heard before without restricting himself to any particular genre.

Harshavardhan Kamepalli is a Hyderabad-based DJ and music producer who has released numerous hits through Chakra Records. He began producing music in 2016 and began to officially release it in 2018 with his stage name ‘Arshan.’ He loves producing Psy trance and bass house music.

‘Urja,’ released on September 2nd is a track made in collaboration between Rayllex and Arshan. It has a strong bass line and an ethnic flavour that gives it life. A song with a strong ethnic Indian orchestral vibe with a powerful drop, it was launched as a psy trance track by Chakra Records. The concept was inspired by producer KSHMR and his label Dharma Worldwide. It took about 1.5 years to be completed.

Leonardo Varghese – ‘Gates of Jerusalem

Leonardo Varghese, an artist from Cochin began playing the guitar in mid-2019. His debut eponymous album was released on August 9th. From the meditative ‘Gates of Jerusalem’ to the mystical ‘Rosalie’ and rock n roll ‘What Good Is It Mama,’ this album takes you back to the rough-hewn nature of the delta blues men mixed with a bardic lyrical quality.

He wrote his song ‘Gates of Jerusalem’ in September 2021. “That song hit me like a lightning bolt, I had the words and music down in about 20 mins. The rest of the songs followed quickly after that,” he added.


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