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Savaal Pushplay 12

Vikramjit - "Everytime I See You"

VKRM aka. Vikramjit from Bangalore started his music journey at the age of 18. His passion stemmed from Rock and Metal and he eventually found his love Jazz and RnB. He enjoys singing and playing his own creations on his keyboard. . He believes in expressing his experience of the human journey through music and does not believe in confining his sound to a particular genre of music.

His latest release is the song ‘Every time I See You’ which was released on Sep 24, 2022. The track has a blend of neo-soul and RnB and also jazz harmony. This song encapsulates the essence of newfound love and appeals to the youth with its jazzy style and chill vibe.

Sxnchit - "On My Own"

Sanchit Mhaske also known as "Sxnchit" is a 19 years old artist from Pune. He always dreamed about making music and finally got to it during the pandemic. Along with a friend, Sanchit released his first track and received a lot of positive feedback. That only drove him to create more music and jump into the rabbit hole of creativity. The artist tells us that he loves music as it helps him escape from reality. He loves spending his time learning and getting better day by day while making the best of what he does.

"On My Own" is Sanchit's latest release which he dropped on, Sep 23, 2022. The song is a hip-hop track that speaks about having mixed emotions about a person which eventually left the artist preferring to be alone. In the track, he describes how he has felt the new generations' relationships to be meaningless and people just playing around with feelings. The lyrics also speak about finding someone worth the troubles, or going on without someone to depend on.

Avi Arora - "Pal"

Avi arora is a singer songwriter from Delhi. He started writing original music back in 2018 and in 2021 he released his third single called Pal. The song is extremely personal to him and it is written for a special person in his life. He focuses on writing music that is both, close to his heart along with being relatable so the listeners can who are going through the similar things can relate with him.

His latest track Pal was released on Oct 10, 2021, and the song has reached many hearts that resonate with Avi. Avi told us " Pal talks about a guy who can't stop thinking about all the moments he spent with this woman. The animation itself captures this Beautiful Pal (moment). I wrote this with the memories in my mind, this lyrics are words from my heart. He added that if he were to write everything that he felt about in this song, it would be a few hours long, but tells us that this is close enough.

Suryansh Shukla - "Raste"

Suryansh Shukla is a Btech student at IIIT Vadodara (Gandhinagar Campus), Gujarat. Originally from Unnao, Uttar Pradesh, he an artist without any formal musical training, who works for his music to create the songs he loves to sing. His aspirations to become an artist started at the age of 8. At the age of 16 he finally began his journey.

Although he hasn't released any orignal's yet, he has written and composed many tracks in collaboration with Kaushik Rathava who manages the productions of his music.

His latest song "Raste" is based on the struggle of an artist who fights from

the wrong perceptions of society. He sings about being unable to choose the correct path between following his passion or getting a conventional job. The track is about something almost every artist faces in their life and his renderation of it is beautiful. .


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